1. jdrrco

    Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere...

    A couple of times in the last week or so, there have been significant obstacles directly in front of my car on the road, which I have had to avoid. One was an iron bar and the other was a (dead) badger. Neither was particularly tall, but I would not have wanted to drive over either. My question...
  2. D

    C63 (W204) H+R Springs (Covered 3000 Miles)

    For Sale: C63 (W204) H+R Springs (Covered 3000 Miles) Selling springs as car is now sold. £200 Tel: 07958 331445
  3. D

    C63 (W204) H+R Springs (Covered 3000 Miles)

    For Sale: C63 (W204) H+R Springs (Covered 3000 Miles) Selling springs as I am selling the car. £200 Tel: 07958 331445
  4. M

    Mercedes G Wagen Fail On Snow Covered Road - Video

    Mercedes G Wagen Fail On Snow Covered Road [YOUTUBE HD]Mhimyn6Iovk[/YOUTUBE HD]
  5. P

    Chevrolet Astro Day Van, only covered 50k, LPG converted, great fun!

    Chevrolet Astro Day Van, LPG,Only 50k Miles, Amazing Spec, lots of parts inc | eBay
  6. SilverSaloon

    cleaning cloth covered door rubbers

    Hi My W124 has mushroom/cream coloured material on the door rubbers. They are a bit grubby. Any tips on cleaning them/products/techniques to use? I thought about removing them and popping them in the washing machine on a gentle wash?
  7. Harrythedog

    Are alloy wheels covered under warranty?

    Good morning all, I trust you're all fit and well. My manufacturers warranty ends next month and one of my alloys is starting to shred its laquer as well as all 4 centre caps. Has anyone experience of such a claim? Are they covered and if so do you have to put up with much of a fight with...
  8. M

    W211 Port shutoff motor; Warranty covered?

    Hi All, My E320 is in the dealership and they have told me that I have the seemingly common problem of oil leaking onto the port shutoff motor which now needs replacing. I have a Warranty Direct warranty (the highest spec that they offer), however the dealership has said that they might...
  9. J

    My C43 steering wheel re covered at last :)

    well a while back when i bought the C43 interior i also bought a C43 steering wheel off the same guy for £25.. including the air bag.. but the leather was shagged. so after thinking long and hard the best price i could get for a blacl leather and white top was £350 + Vat... ouch.. so decided to...
  10. blacklight124

    Springs covered by Used Warranty?

    Hey folks, So I took the car to Islay and Jura at the weekend and after a particularly long, heavily patched road Im hearing a noise when going over any bumps. Kind of like a brick bouncing about in a plastic box...:dk: I am guessing this might be a broken spring but not sure and no idea...
  11. tonyc280

    Car covered in brown dust

    Hi i live in south leicestershire and car keeps getting covered in brown dust and looks terrible only after a day after cleaning. Any one else notice this ????? Think it must be dust from some desert somewhere. My friends covered too.
  12. clk208

    Tier 1 warranty - bushes not covered?

    I am informed that the thrust arm bushes (bushings?) on my CLS are cracked. Symptoms are a mild occasional squeaking from the suspension area. The dealer informed me that bushes / rubber parts are not covered under the Tier 1 warranty as they are wear and tear items. The Tier 1...
  13. G

    So I've covered 3.000 miles from new and.....

    So, I have had my car for a month or so and have amassed around 3,000 miles. It seems customary to do a mini review at this point :D So in my best Vicky Parrot manner (she writes for Autocar and imho is the best female journo at the mo) and donning my petrol head reading glasses here are a few...
  14. poormansporsche

    Carat 3.6 is a grease covered GOD at engine conversions ......

    Alright peeps, as most people are aware Carat 3.6 (Simon) just appeared out of nowhere a year ago and quickly dawned on us that he is mad as a bag of spanners ! But he does actually do some work and I got him to do a 3.2 M104 engine transplant into my 2.6 M103 190. So just a thank you...
  15. mercedescl500

    Has this been covered > e320 Coupe

    Has this car been spotted yet ? Looks very nice. Mercedes E320 COUPE AMG *Top Of The Range* LHD LEFT HAND DRIVE 320ce ce | eBay
  16. A

    2002 C320 CDI Avantgarde Auto Saloon. Only covered 56k miles!

    Hi guys My Uncle is selling his 2002 W210 E320 CDI Auto. This car has only covered 56k miles from new. Has the 3.2l in line 6 CDI engine. It runs beautifully smooth and quiet. It's in metallic blue with grey leather and black bird's eye maple trim. MOT & Tax until July '12, 2...
  17. gr4z

    Are squeaks & rattles covered under warranty?

    Hi I have had my new C350 for a month now and it still brings a smile to my face. However, I have one really minor niggle that is driving me mad. My drivers side seatbelt rattles & squeaks when I have it on. Constantly. It seems its the belt tensioner within the door pillar. I can't get to...
  18. zenman63

    White Vito covered in iron fall out!

    Hi, As above my new Vito is covered in Iron fall out and is rusting like tiny orange spots on the roof ,bonnet and flat edges all over. Whats best to remove this? I know T cut will work but don't want to rub the fall out in the paint!
  19. D

    Number Plates covered.

    Is it me , or am I seeing more and more transported cars having their number plates covered over ? Must be a good reason for going to that trouble, so will somebody explaine. Please. :confused:
  20. Palfrem

    SLK needs a tracker to be covered for theft?

    Her Ladyship has seen a nice SLk and is poised to buy it. Just phoned our insurer (Privilege) for a quote and they will not cover if for theft unless it has a tracking device fitted! Any SLK owners had the same problem? Is the SLK more likely to be stolen than any other car? Thanks chaps
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