1. lfckeeper

    Covering scratches

    Will this balm Furniture Clinic Leather Re-Colouring Balm - RESTORMATE cover the scratches in leather ?
  2. merc85

    s211 Floor covering?

    All my previous cars, i cleaned the underside of them and painted & rust proofed them keeping them clean and factory looking. The 211 has the underside covered in plastic shields from front to back, i havent been over the underside properly yet as ive been busy concentrating on the top half.:D...
  3. XJguy

    w124 will sedan seat covering fit on coupe seat frames

    As in the title, I am trying to figure out if I can r replace the leather on my coupes front seats with those from a sedan? Thank you
  4. DSLiverpool

    Garage Floor Covering - Any Advice

    We are up to doing the garage up in maison DSLiverpool and i am not sure if i should paint, tile or mat any advice with pics preferably. Our drive is a slight incline to the garage which is flat so im concerned tiles would lift ??
  5. K

    Parcel shelf covering

    I recently got a W210 electric rear sun blind to fit into my SEC, im going to need to recover the parcel shelf arter its done, should i go with alcantara, vinyl or velour? Any ideas which will be easiest to fit?
  6. nickg

    R129 SL wind deflector and covering boot panel for same

    as above wanted - good price paid for items in excellent condition. panel is required in grey please rgds
  7. bigyin1

    1996 w124 lockable centre console box with Grey covering

    As title suggests i'm looking for the above in VGC if possible. PM me if you have such an item as mine has the grey cover peeling off and it doesn't look nice, not sure of wood type so please see picture below: Cheers.
  8. bigyin1

    silver strips and grey covering for centre console box

    Right then i'm looking for two bits for my interior ('96 w124 diesel): - Some new silver strips for the bit where the door meets the main body (all four doors) - new grey cover material and gluefor removable centre console box Anyone any thoughts as to pricing/where i can get the above very...
  9. S

    sl merc covering

    Hi too all, now got a nice little merc, but need a breathable waterproof cover any help where to get one from, any manufactures name, any outlets in the midlands. Thanks Reg:devil:
  10. A

    w211 leather (black) seat covering

    I have a new mercedes e class (w211) original leather seat covering for the lower cushion. Purchased in error by myself. Its on sale on ebay but im open to offers. (Article number 4517762140) It has the pre wiring for heated/ventilated seating. Thanks
  11. SilverSaloon

    covering up side indicator "hole"

    hi thinking about retrofitting "blinking" mirrors to my pre-facelift CLK... however i dont have the funds to get both front wings welded and resprayed. so what i thought was maybe putting a badge or some stylish duct over the old indicator hole... do u reckon this: would fit...
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