1. L

    Stuck with "black death" & cow boy mechanic job. Please help!

    Hi guys, Big hello to everyone as it's my very first time here. I have just bought w210 320cDi with 90k on the clock. Only 1 owner car and it's a mint apart for one problem "black death". Last owner explained to me that injector 3 is stuck as he tried to get it fixed but the mechanic...
  2. L

    W140 is a Cow

    Yes, my W140 moos at me! After I switch off the ignition key, I get one, or sometimes two mooing sounds which seem to be coming from in front of the steering wheel. It could be from under the engine bay, not sure. It's the sound of expelling air I guess. Anyone have any ideas where to look...
  3. ringway

    Speeding? Watch Out! There's a Cow About.

    How long before this reaches the UK? LINK. " Starting next week, we will position the radar in a meadow at the roadside. It will be almost undetectable. Motorists would do well to slow down." says the Zergignac commander.
  4. W

    holy cow - worst convertibles ever

    Almost every conversion is a shocker: Custom Convertibles | Newport Convertible Engineering
  5. E

    Cow based economic lesson

    Copied from another forum. Thought it was pretty good. A Cow based Economics Lesson; SOCIALISM You have 2 cows. You give one to your neighbor. COMMUNISM You have 2 cows. The State takes both and gives you some milk. FASCISM You have 2 cows. The State takes both and sells you...
  6. Spinal

    Climbing Gear: Cow's Tail

    Again, a totally off-topic question! I used to do quite a lot of Via Ferrata, and have recently started rock climbing. That said, as I started going around vie ferrate when I was 8, I used to have a cow's tail made for me each summer (which included 2 screamers attached to each 'biner). I...
  7. 230K

    Farmer buys E Class. Farmer sells cow to dealer.

    Hi Hope you can all read this? Made me chuckle.
  8. Spinal

    Cow Gallstones

    Totally OT here.... I was surfing online looking for some "senegal sand" for my aquarium when I stumbled across "dried whole golden cow gallstones". They cost roughly $1000 an ounce... Now, my question, wikipedia has no info on this, but maybe someone here knows... wtf does one use dried...
  9. L

    Matrix Cow

    This just madw me cry with laughter!
  10. D

    Cow Bondage

    This is funny
  11. P

    To the Dozy welsh cow with the ML !!!

    NO ONE EVER LETS A F***ING TRACTOR OUT OF A SIDE ROAD WHEN TURNING OFF THE ROAD ONESELF !!!!!! God why do people do it ?? :devil: :devil: They would not let a tractor out in front of them so why commit every one else to a cabin full of HAY :mad: Rant over :D
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