1. Stratman

    A crackdown on whiplash claims?

  2. jimti

    Motorbike crackdown 'a success'

    From BBC News I know noise can be a problem, but is this allowed? if it was suggesting where they shouldn't go I might understand
  3. kikkthecat

    Crackdown on seatbelt laws

    I read this in our local paper recently, it's hard to believe that so many people dont seem to give a damn about their own childrens' safety. You see them all the time in this part of the world, cars driving around with kids running loose inside, standing between the 2 front seats, standing...
  4. M

    M4 J14-J18......Speed Crackdown

    From Sky News - Crackdown On Motorway Speeding Drivers who go above 70mph on one of the country's busiest motorways are facing a police crackdown using speed cameras.Ususally motorists can go above the official speed limit on the motorway network unless it is significantly above the...
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