1. jdrrco

    Cracking car for someone
  2. Johnny007

    Panoramic roof making cracking noise

    Hi although I joined a few years back I was not much of an active member or at all to be honest. I'm a newbie I'd say. So please forgive me if I do anything wrong in asking a question in the wrong place in advance. I have 2011 e350 diesel 265 with panoramic roof, the car is out of warranty...
  3. A

    Cracking in tyre's

    Checking the wife's tyre pressures out this morning I always have a look for damage and anything untoward, and came across cracks on both back tyres running completely all the way around the tyre. Only the backs have these both fronts are OK. Tyre's look like a mid range budget one's...
  4. jdrrco

    Sounds like a cracking car for someone...

    Mercedes-Benz CLS 3.0 CLS320 CDI 7G-Tronic 4dr Lovely colour combination, decent spec and seems to have been cared for too
  5. Palfrem

    Engineered flooring - loud cracking noises when being walked on?

    We've just had 35 m2 of good quality engineered flooring laid across lounge and study. It's about 20mm overall thickness with a 5mm oak veneer. The guys removed all the old skirting, glued the tongue and groove with PVA and laid it on existing floorboards with the recommended foam sheets...
  6. M

    Cracking tyres

    A couple of months ago whilst in Kent my offside rear tyre (conti) spat a chunk out of itself. It was the size if a 50p. Lincoln MB have sent it back to Conti to try and get money back for the faulty tyre. Had both rear's changed but not Conti's. Anyhow it's booked in for MOT next with Lincoln...
  7. F

    Sharp cracking noise

    I have a c63 estate and when going over certain types of bump it emits a 'sharp crack' almost like a pistol shot from somewhere in the rear, sounds like it's coming from the roof or side panels, I've tried everything, tailgate open, rear seat belts you name it, we've tried to isolate it but...
  8. R

    Fire Opal Mercedes C Class Coupe Paint Cracking

    I have purchased a mercedes C Class Coupe last year. It was an ex demo and was only 6 months old when I purchased it. I have just been cleaning the car and I have seem some paint cracking at the rear bumper and I am not sure why this is. Is this something that Mercedes will fix within...
  9. pstock

    Cracking noise from front

    Can anyone point me in the right direction ? After reversing and the driving away, when I come to use the brakes( first time after reversing ) there is a horrendous Crack noise from the front of the car, unable to detect where its coming from left, right, centre of the car. :dk: Driving me...
  10. J

    Cracking MPG

    Driving from Manchester to Birmingham and back on the M6 earlier today. Apart from the speed restrictions and a couple of short jams it was pretty much around the 80mph mark most of the way. Only looked out of interest on my return so could probably do better. Amazing if accurate for a C220.
  11. G

    w245 B class seat cover cracking problem

    My driver seat (Artico fake leather) have some cracks on material. Every day cracks are bigger and now my eyes cant look it any more... I try to find same sahara/orient beige Artico material but couldnt find same color to replace just that left side of driver seat cover. Car have little much...
  12. Burger

    Cracking up :)

    So, my SL was in for its annual service yesterday with Mercedes Maidstone. Half way through the day I got a call to tell me the service was done but would I like them to replace the cracked additional brake light in the boot lid. Cracked? I just washed the car on Sunday and didn't notice a...
  13. cliveyboy8

    Another Cracking Plate For Sale

  14. C

    Paint cracking effect on CLS

    Hi all, A 2006 CLS 350 I am considering buying has a strange 'cracking' effect on the boot lid that sort of resembles a web or urban road network. The rest of the car's body has many small nicks, chips and scrapes but is otherwise ok. Does anyone know 1) what the term for this paint cracking...
  15. s88

    Walls cracking on Continental tyres

    father in laws CLC tyres have cracked in the walls and had to be replaced, car is not that old. MB dealer said nothing to do with them so an Indie tyre man has sent them back to Continental for a refund. Apparently there has been batches of tyres that have had this issue.
  16. azaman

    Cluster plastic cracking!

    The plastic screen covering my instrament cluster seems to be developing some sort of spidering/cracking on the inside. Is there any way to remove the plastic screen so I can have a go at cleaning it or replacing it? I have 2004 C Class Coupe.
  17. D

    Cracking lease deal - s320

    Just spotted this - seems remarkably cheap £380 a month for a new S320 cdi. Could be of...
  18. D

    Cracking and creeking C220CDI

    I recently defected from BMW to MB, I looked at a range of top marques as I like my comfort and certainly style while driving. Saab, Audi and Volvo where all contenders, but I finally settled with MB. Two models where on my list the C220 CDI Sports Evo Pan and the SLK. I decide to go with the...
  19. H

    cracking wood trim

    I have seen many W202s from 1993 to 1999 and also other models where the interior wood trim, especially the part on the console where the gear knob is, appears to be cracking up due to heat or sun exposure and UV rays. It starts with only a tiny and almost unvisible crack of about 3 to 5mm, but...
  20. J

    Cracking chrome

    :eek: Hello, iv got a problem with the chrome on my bumpers cracking, its only a small bit where the wheel arch has rusted, iv been told to replace the bumper, *****ly its not that extream?
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