1. F

    Spider cracks in gel coat of skirt.

    Noticed a few very fine cracks in one of my fiberglass skirts on my 209, could these be cleaned out with thinners (scored with a Stanley knife?) and filled with touch up paint, then sanded down and compounded after a few days, or is that just too easy to be true?
  2. chester

    cracks in yokohama tyres

    Just had a B service and was told tyres are fine lots of tread left so nothing to replace. A week later the wheels are taken off to clean and i notice every tyre has cracks running right around them in the tread,The backs you can see the thread of the inner tyre.I have written to yokohama about...
  3. M

    Cracks On Rear Prop Shaft Coupling

    Having only just bought my 2005 CLK 320 Auto I thought I would phone round the companies that have serviced the car before to check what had been done, or not, and see if there had been any advisories or other observations of note. It's just had the oil change for the automatic transmission...
  4. M

    Polishing out cracks in wood trim

    I've got some fine cracks in the wood trim - "Elegance trim" - does anyone have any experience/advice/magic for making them disappear?
  5. S

    Product to hide / remove cracks in steering wheel lacquer?

    Managed to get a 2nd hand MP Design steering wheel, but unfortunately it has some cracks in the lacquer on the birdseye section on the top :( Not the greatest pics I'm afraid, but it's a tricky thing to photograph. there a polish or other product I could apply to hide the...
  6. J

    Dash cracks

    Quick Q. Is there any way of repairing cracks in the dash caused by sun exposure and age on my old 500 sec? It has two sizeable splits but i wander if a repair job would make them look worse. Can it be done invisibly? I live in Torquay so any local recommendations welcomed.
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