1. GLK

    telephone pre-wire UHI kit - cradle and a phone

    I have a complete setup for your UHI - a perfect condition, in original MB box (bought new just over two years ago) phone cradle - B67875846, and a Nokia 6230i (bought reconditioned, unlocked, with a brand new keypad, at the same time). If your phone console looks like this, then the kit will...
  2. S

    2005 Mercedes C270CDI - bluetooth cradle contact synching - HELP PLEASE! :)

    Good morning! I am hoping I might be able to ask for your expertise! I have a 54 plate Mercedes C270 CDI. I bought a bluetooth cradle (advised off MB of Bolton) off ebay. I’ve got an iPhone and I have paired the phone successfully - it can make and receive calls absolutely fine! However, the...
  3. M

    ML320 - Bluetooth / Cradle

    Hi All, Trying to get the correct adapter for ML320 CDI (2006). It looks like to me I need the MBU-3000, but can someone confirm, as articles indicate it should look like the curly cable Nokia cradle, but there is aso MB MFI and SAP one and I am getting confused. There is a guide...
  4. D

    Phone Cradle

    Could someone please recommend a cradle to put my phone in please. I have a CLC 2009 and a Galaxy S7 phone, is there one that attaches to the centre console, on the dash, on the windscreen? If someone could recommend one they have or have used I would be grateful as I dont want it to look tacky...
  5. D

    Iphone cradle

    Had anyone got one they aren't using? 3G or IPhone SE (5)
  6. Sonny Burnett

    Command 2 Phone cradle with cable

    if anyone has one for sale let me know
  7. Chrishazle

    Nokia 6300 Cradle, Phone and Chargers

    Thanks to dear daughter upgrading our mobile phones a while ago, I have the following surplus to requirement items : MB A204 820 41 51 Nokia Mobile Phone Holder for Nokia 6300, in original box, complete with instructions, in as new condition. This is the cradle that mounts onto the UHI...
  8. S

    A 212 906 53 02 - SAP v4 BLUETOOTH CRADLE (rSAP PROFILE)

    Hi Guys, I have recently sold my car and I am selling my bluetooth SAP cradle. This is version 4. Fully working. £90 incl. free delivery to mainland UK, ono.
  9. U

    Mercedes Benz SAP V2 SLR Bluetooth Mobile Phone Cradle Adaptor A2048200535

    abc abc
  10. D

    Phone mount/cradle for c350e

    I've just taken delivery of my C350e Estate and am loving it so far. However, I really really want to have my phone mounted on the dash somewhere so that I can continue to use Waze as it's much better than the built-in Sat Nav. I've looked at Brodit Proclips and they only have one that...
  11. M

    Convenience Cradle and iPhone 6

    Mods Please Delete - Found The Answer TY My 2009 W219 CLS is fitted with I'm presuming is a convenience phone cradle in the centre console box - looks like it was for a Nokia handset. The Comand system seems to look for a phone in the cradle every time I get into the car and then I get a...
  12. autounion

    129 rear cradle / suspension to 124

    Good day, Has anyone investigated if the rear suspension, diff cradle etc from a 129 fit to a 124 sedan? Side note, I recently visited the UK - where have all the 124s gone? Kevin in Oz
  13. S

    Nokia cradle bluetooth adapter

    Hi I have 2008 E280, it has a Nokia cradle, number B67875846 which is for the nokia phones, 6220, 6230 and 6230i. I want a bluetooth adapter but the ones I have seen appear to be for a slightly different cradle. Anyone know the solutions. thanks
  14. Yugguy

    Power rating of convenience phone cradle

    Hi. Anyone know the ampage of the power to the centre console phone cradle in a w204? I want to use it to drive a power socket fitted into the rear blanking plate. A lot cheaper than 60 or 70 quid for the whole ashtray unit that I would never use.
  15. T

    Phone cradle replacement...

    I've just bought a 2008 E211 Estate which has in it a MB cradle for a Nokia 6233 phone in the centre console. I still use a Nokia 6310i but I'm being pressured to stop using it and get a smart phone instead (fair enough I suppose these days). Are these cradles still available for a variety of...
  16. David404

    Mobile Phone Cradle - W211 E320

    Hi Folks My car has the factory fit command / mobile prep. I'm trying to work out what I have and what I need, trouble is I don't know what I'm looking at. Please see attached, is this a mobile phone holder, if so any idea what phone its for? Or is this just a mounting plate to attach a...
  17. S

    Mercedes UHI IPhone 5/5S cradle

    Check it out! Mercedes UHI Cradle Iphone 5/5S | eBay
  18. P

    Aux and BT audio query

    Hi Guys first time post so forgive me - I have a C200 59 plate with comand and 6 cd changer. It has AUX capability although the AUX cable in the glovebox has never been installed - just got a little rubber plate over the hole - can anyone advise me on what part I require? also I...
  19. Crustyoldbloke

    E220 W211 iPhone cradle removal

    Hello I am after some advice on this topic. I have an iPhone cradle fitted into the centre armrest, I believe it is this part A2048203951. I don't have an iPhone, just a 3G Samsung, which pairs OK with the cradle, but I cannot get past the pairing part of the installation. My phone is not...
  20. S

    W211 iPhone 3GS Cradle trouple

    Hi. new to this site and it looks great :-) i just got at used iphone 3GS cradle from Ebay. when i put the phone in the cradle it start to charge and the display on the Comand say "wait". after a few second it says "turn on phono" and nothings else happens it looks like the phone...
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