1. S

    WTB: Weistec 180mm crank pulley

    Greetings from across the pond. I'm on the hunt for a 180mm Weistec crank pulley. Cash in hand.
  2. snowshredder

    SL 350 V6 2003 - Crank sensor

    can anyone point me to it's whereabouts please ??
  3. R

    Can engine leak from the rear crank seal and fill up the gearbox?

    I have a w203 with 722.6 gearbox. Overfilled with oil. I'll drain and check in the next few days. The 13 pin connector was full of oil and I will check the tcm harness later.
  4. M

    c280 w202 crank pulley

    Hi, so i recently bought a 98 c280 with little history, i gather the crank pulley has a rubber component. when this starts to go does the engine feel a little rough when reving? and is the crank pulley a dealer only part , cant find one on eurocarparts website.
  5. BigRussJepson

    A208 Clk200 2001 wont crank. Starting intermittent.

    Hi, This has probs been partly covered but........ So, I have a 2001 clk 200 komp cabrio with 95000 miles on her. Last week I came to it at 07.00 am (10 degrees c temp) and she wouldnt crank, the previous night it had been running for at least an hour and i drive her at least 400 miles a...
  6. T

    cl500 won't crank, won't come out of park, brake switch okay

    2002 CL 500 with intermittent issue, When it does not work I turn the key and the dashboard lights up when I go to crank, nothing, no click, nothing. I ran a hot lead directly to the starter, cranks fine. And when it's not working I cannot get the car out of park with the key on and foot on...
  7. N

    W245 can't crank with a new battery.

    B200 Turbo Hi all, I am new in this forum and I need a help. I have fitted a new battery and it was diagnosed that it's charge rate is low but when jump start it cannot start until you push to start. It does that in the mornings but once pushed to start it can start on its own. Sent...
  8. M

    Help! ---CLK 320 cdi --no reaction to turning key to crank starter position

    Hi all, 1st time for donkeys years I've benn stuck by a car which wont go ! :confused:Car parked up a week ago after 160 mile trip. I've never had this issue previously. Battery just a bit on the low side but is on charge right now. All dash lightrs as bright as normal and do not dim...
  9. P

    E320 CDI (2001), Wont start or crank. Please Help.

    Hi All, Im new here so please bare with me. I have a e320 CDI 2001. I was driving recently at low speed and all of a sudden the ebs/abs/bas lights came on and and started flashing tell me to report to dealer or something. Car was driving fine even with the lights on, so i pulled...
  10. S

    Starting problem crank shaft position error

    I just serviced my car and changed spark plug, but there was problem with coil and connection on to wrong plug as i have sorted it out there is a error that shows now crankshaft position sensor A circuit. And car something doesnt start but after few min it starts. Please help, i have CLK240...
  11. N

    C220 W204 fails to crank over.

    I've done quite a bit of googling on this. 2009 C220,insert key,steering lock releases and steering wheel is free to move,ignition lights come on,but next key turn nothing happens?Tried both cars also,no difference. From what I've read it could starter motor,battery,esl,eis,fuse....the...
  12. P

    180mm Weistec crank pulley and tune up

    I am not sure if it was covered before, but I couldn't fine it. So I am thinking of buying one of these pulleys and tune the car. The first question is do I need to change the spark plugs with colder ones or the original ones which I changed before 1000km will do the trick? Second and maybe...
  13. Virusuk

    Starter Ignition problem wont crank.

    Hi people Got a problem with my W221 320 CDI 2007 motor wont crank. So fare scanned with Launch no faults found. On ignition nothing happens. Carried out battery tests solid 12V consumer and start. Bad earth eliminated by jump leads connected to engine. Nothing. One thing noticed on Launch...
  14. T

    Crank Sensor Replacement (A140 W168)

    I need to replace the crank sensor on our old Mercedes A140 (W168). I managed to get the old sensor out (just about) but destroyed it in the process as it was a VERY, VERY tight fit. Now I can't get the new one in as again, it's a VERY, VERY tight fit. I don't know much about these...
  15. S

    CLS55 AMG - No start/No crank

    Hi all, Apologies for making my first post on here a problem post but the guys over on Pistonheads recommended this forum. Love the car, except its stuck on my driveway going nowhere fast as it stands. Background - fairly new owner of an 05 plate CLS55 AMG. When purchasing the vehicle, the...
  16. C

    Vito Won't crank over

    I ve just bought a Vito w638 110 cdi Love the van done about 2k miles in it never missed a beat , until last weekend . It won't crank over power going to starter all light come on and off on dash . Checked stater no problem works fine battery fully charged, could be the starter relay and if...
  17. O

    Cam or crank shaft sensor?

    For the second time my CLK 320 W209 2003 model has cut out. It restarted later, first time I had to wait about 15 minutes, second time about 10 mins. Feelings are this is the crank position sensor. I don't have much spare time at the weekend but my plan was to replace the sensor. Do you...
  18. brucemillar

    Crank Position Sensor?

    Folks Not a Merc but the same principle. Please bear with me, I need help. I have a 3.5 V6 Petrol - SWB Mitsubishi Pajero. It had a head gasket failure. Off it went to have the Gaskets replaced along with: New Water Pump New Timing/Cam Belt New Crank Shaft Pulley (these de-laminate so need...
  19. F

    w164 non crank.

    Have came across a wmall problem on my dads ml320 cdi 2006. The car will not crank at all. Battery is fine and has been tested. Main engine fusebox is getting a feed. Plugged in a snap on diagnostic computer. Main engine ecu is not sending any can signals to any other module and does...
  20. E

    Crank position sensor and codes

    Hi, Recently got a CPS code P2034 and another code P20A2 on my w211 e55. P20A2 when ZAS is turned off,some cylinder exhaust valve not work.;GERMANY Does anybody know if the second code is caused by the faulty CPS or is it a different problem altogether?
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