1. E

    2009 W211 E280 CDi Crankshaft Sensor

    I have fault codes DTC 2045 and 2043 coming up as Crankshaft sensor no signal. Does anyone know where the sensor is located on my 2009 E280 CDi estate Thank you
  2. S

    Crankshaft sensor

    Probably been asked before but can someone help out and tell me the location of the crankshaft sensor my eml came on earlier and mentioned crankshaft sensor on a basic diag box. Also is it just a easy unbolt remove and refit affair Thanks all
  3. H

    Crankshaft Sensor Location E350 CDI W212

    Hi All, I have an error code saying that there is a problem with the Crankshaft Sensor not giving a signal in my 2012 E350 CDI. I have ordered the part, but can't find where it is situated in the engine. Do I need to remove the air filter to see it? I have looked for a parts layout diagram...
  4. brucemillar

    300te Engine / Crankshaft

    Guys I need a known good 300te engine!! or a 300te Crankshaft. I have a bent crankshaft that may prove beyond repair. I also have a rebuilt 300te engine that the crankshaft came out of. I need to get the shaft straightened? Does anybody know a good company in the South East? Or: I need...
  5. M

    crankshaft pulse sensor

    Hi, I drive a 2001 Mercedes E320 CDI. Can someone tell me is the Crankshaft Pulse Sensor held in place by a Torx screw. I was told they just pull out. Mine seems pretty tight. I do not want to have to drop the gearbox to get it out. I have tried doing it from under and above the engine, no joy...
  6. SANJP

    W212 e350 cdi - oil leaking - suspect crankshaft oil seal ?

    Hi All has anyone had this issue on there E350CDI ? All of a sudden Had a breakfast bowl size puddle of oil on drive the other day , took to a friends garage stuck on ramp and he suspects the gearbox will have to come out and reckons its the crankshaft oil seal !! Madness on a car that's barely...
  7. E

    Plausible to Glue Crankshaft Pulley?

    Hi Guys, Recently I began hearing a noise coming from the belt area when the car was cold, and what we discovered is that the crankshaft pulley is coming apart (a photo is attached below). A new pulley where I live would cost about $350, so I was wondering if it's plausible simply to use...
  8. gadget1960

    W210 E240 crankshaft damper

    As per title, Where would be the best place to buy the crankshaft vibration damper pulley from (other than MB)? There seems to be quite a lot of choice out there ie: GSF, E'Bay, ECP, and so on and ranging from £45 - £190. anyone bought any particular brand and been happy with it? Mine seems...
  9. M

    crankshaft position sensor on cl320 convertible

    Hi All, Engine has randomly cut out twice now and reading errors tell me its the crank position sensor (code 052). in order to solve the problem that I've had twice now, it was a simple case of disconnecting and reconnecting the battery. So, is it a simple case of changing the sensor or is...
  10. K

    S211 E55 is this early signs of crankshaft position sensor fault.

    Is this the first signs that the crankshaft position sensor is going? The car had been driven and was parked for 1 hour, on return, when I tried to start it, all I got was the engine turning over. It's the first time it's ever occurred. I quickly turned off the engine and it started as normal...
  11. Mistreku

    2001 CLK 230 crankshaft pulley ring fitment/suggestions?

    Hello boys and girls, Just ordered a crankshaft pulley ring for my car (facelift 230 kompressor) in order to increase the boost a bit. How hard is it to fit? Is it a DIY job? I'm fairly handy with the spanners but not exactly a mechanic. Anything to keep in mind when fitting the ring? Any...
  12. peteubhi

    crankshaft sensor

    Hi does anyone know where the crankshaft sensor is on a Mercedes E class W211 E270 CDI?? pictures would be very helpfull
  13. ricardo62

    crankshaft breather valve?

    Hi my sages, I am wondering whether the black pancake looking component situated 6 inches forward of the oil cap on my e320 cdi w210 is the crankcase breather valve , filter? it has a rubber pipe exiting it and joining onto a large tube that enters the turbo ,the pipes are oily where they join...
  14. D

    W220 Crankshaft Position Sensor

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and hoped you could assist. I have a 2003 Merc W220 5.0L and occassionally when warm the car would crank a little longer before starting. It was an occassional fault and only when engine was above 80 degrees, and crank would be around 3 secs longer than usual...
  15. dredd32

    c32 amg crankshaft pulley

    Does anyone have a CS pulley? Mine has failed and I'm having a lot of problems trying to source one,new or used,before i go to MB to get my trousers pulled down:( The issue I'm having is that the pulleys I have sourced so far only fit a 24mm belt and mine is 30mm If you have one,or know...
  16. M

    E350 CDI Crankshaft Sensor second failure!

    Has anyone else had any issues with the crankshaft sensor on the E350 CDI? I replaced my aged high mileage E220CDI Estate with an August 2011 E350 CDI Blue Efficiency Sport 125 in April 2013. I'm very happy with the car, its a personal car although I do a lot of business mileage in it - its...
  17. M

    crankshaft sensor on 93 500sl

    Where is the location of the crankshaft position sensor on a 93 500sl.
  18. C

    slk32 crankshaft pulley

    I think my crankshaft pulley needs replacing the inner face looks like it is coming away and I know its a common problem, located near Staines/West London area, any recommendations on who is good to get the job done/costs etc? Was thinking of doing it myself, but really dont want to get this...
  19. markswlondon

    W203 - crankshaft sensor

    Been having issues with my c220 cdi; no kickdown, very sluggish, clearly no turbo. Returned it to dealer who has used a local diagnostics garage who believe the issue to be with a crankshaft sensor. They are replacing it today at their cost. Does this sound like a plausible explanation? No being...
  20. tonyc280

    W202 2.8 crankshaft front crankshaft seal

    Hi all. Was just wondering how difficult it is to replace the front crankshaft oil seal. the one just behind the pulley. Looks quite and easy job from a quick look ?. Cheers. Tony.
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