1. Benzmanc

    Holy hamster crap.....

    RIP Adam West, another part of my childhood gone Hollywood Reacts to Adam West's Death: "A Sweet, Nutty Guy" | Hollywood Reporter
  2. S

    A Class AMG Night Edition problems .....Crap customer service problems....

    Hello Guys, I'm a newbie on this site and to the world of Mercedez Benz. So here's my story..... 1 month ago I bought a A 180d CDI AMG Night Edition (gorgeous it is!) absolutely thrilled to bits, I was told it would be delivered 1 week later (I'm from Manchester, Car bought from...
  3. mykaitch

    Ipods artwork and crap mb interface

    Hi. Some of you may have followed my odd posts since I bought my C180 3 years ago. Never one to give up I have finally solved the problem of missing artwork -- and it was in front of my eyes the whole time. So, use a USB stick and you get all the artwork. Read it in and then use the ipod and you...
  4. N

    Google maps is now crap, what other site?

    WTF have they done to Google maps? The page is covered with boxes & it is unusable now. Until recently you had the option of going back to "classic" gmaps, but that seems to be gone. What sites do other people find easy & clear to use now that this one is useless?
  5. M

    DAB reception in new car is crap

    So I bought my first Merc a month ago (it's brilliant) C250cdi Coupe, but the DAB reception is utterly ****e! My last BMW had excellent reception and I even had a Ford Fiesta on loan earlier this year and DAB reception in that was better than the BMW. Have Merc fcuked up the aerial or what as...
  6. sssammm

    More crap

    Dealers urged to prepare for paperless Tax Discs. Members of the motor trade are being urged to take note of the upcoming changes to vehicle taxation, and to be prepared for the switch to electronic VED licences on October 1st 2014. The existing paper tax disks will no longer be valid from...
  7. KillerHERTZ

    Crap Car Spotting

    Post up recent finds! Saw this beauty today, it has a somewhat haunting quality wouldnt you say?
  8. wobbly

    How much crap !!!!

    Oh Dear !!! How much crap can you add to one car. Thought the exterior was sad.............. until I saw the interior !!! :dk: MERCEDES 190E 2.3-16v COSWORTH on eBay (end time 23-Feb-11 16:47:02 GMT)
  9. tpwuk

    Crap Ad Alert!

    Mercedes : mercedes soft top 2001 78,000 miles **amg face lift model** AMG Facelift Model.....Really??? Engine Size???? :doh:
  10. R

    Why Are Renaults So Crap?

    My Wife has a Renault Megane Cabriolet that we've had since new(2003). I've replace the ignition coils 4 times so far and they failed again last night!!! She was stuck in the middle of a main road!!! The car has only done 28,000 miles as well!!! I Hate Renaults!!!!! Another set of...
  11. as400

    Cars You Have Owned That Were Crap But You Loved/Missed?

    My TVR Cerbera was crap, but when it got its act together and was in the mood for a fight was wonderful, the heat dissipation in the cockpit area, the smell of fuel and oil, the small Subaru WRXSTI disappearing in the rear view mirror.... My MK 1 golf convertible was also crap and would fill...
  12. The Boss

    why oh why...

    was driving and saw the most basic of c classes re badged as a C55 AMG.. why does any one do this. It makes you look soooo tacky.. here is what i saw!
  13. M

    W203 Comand - is it me, or is it a bit crap ?

    I don't know if I'm using the Comand Nav wrong, but it is really beginning to annoy me now as it has sent me to the wrong place a few times... I enter the postcode of where I want to go, then confirm the town/city that it comes up with, and then enter the road name. Then off I go...
  14. BaldGuy

    Really Crap Cars & Bike

  15. P

    I did That Makro Thing Again..buying crap i didnt need !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I went to Makro today to buy some security cameras. When we got there the first thing the wife did was go to the barbeque section where we purchased a bbq reduced from £99 to £69...cant let that go says the wife. On we trundle pass a tv advertising a super top suction mini hoover for the...
  16. Satch

    Crap Jobs

    Prospect of another week in the workplace too horrible to contemplate? Console yourself with nominations for the above book, published 7 October My worst ever job was a wonderful month as a temp working for a large car maker in Essex...
  17. Steve_Perry

    UK motorists get a crap deal (like you need to be told).

    Click Meh No surprises there then :rolleyes: Trouble is, no matter who gets voted in government, the motorists are always treated like $hite. :mad: S.
  18. P

    Breakdown - Mobilo-life is crap !!!

    Car suddenly 'died' on me today and would'nt start again. Bummer. Sounded very much like a lack of Diesel but gauge showed just under 1/4 tank. Phoned Mobilo-Life and asked for assistance. Advised them it 'may' have run out of fuel but gauge said otherwise. Anyway, got my mate from work...
  19. A

    crap car and crap seller OK, it's in america but this one is too good not to share :) check the "dual engine" shown in the pics and marvel at the description :) the vendors feedback makes interesting reading as well Andy
  20. P

    C250TD - Still crap MPG. Problem?

    OK. Still getting only 30/31 mpg. Trying to drive pretty carefully and although I have'nt done any long motorway journeys, my driving has been a mix of short motroway trips and local trips. I know the official figures state around 25mpg for urban, with 38mpg for combined but I was hoping...
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