1. mat8n

    Crashed my Enduro!

    Broken wrist, chipped and damaged ligament in the other wrist so that's in a splint. Chipped and damaged ligament in one heel, and split my other knee wide open! Not a good day:fail Few weeks of work as can hardly move! Worst thing is it was time to tax the SL and garage the S class up...
  2. M

    Mercedes G63 6x6 crashed and flipped over in Russia - Video

  3. D

    Lorry crashed into me on motorway :(

    Hi All Was just after some advice, recently been involved in a accident with a lorry, it merged into the back corner of my car causing the car to spin out and hit another car. I've never been involved in a accident before so just wanted some advice, I've reported it to the insurers and its now...
  4. C

    Somebody Crashed my Vito :(

    Hey all, I come here because I have always been a Hotrodder of some sort, in fact I'm building a '31 Model A hot rod right now. But one of my staff smashed my trusty '09 111CDI into a power pole :fail... It already had 19" rims and slight lowering, but now I plan a '10 facelift and power...
  5. Reggie-rock

    Windows Updates has crashed my desk top for good, am I the only one?

    It seems that Windows updates has broken my desk top computer, anyone else had the same problem.:wallbash::wallbash::wallbash::wallbash:
  6. Vilus

    SL65 Crashed by mechanic

    I think I'd be crying too if they did this to my car...... Driver 'had tear in his eye' after mechanics crashed £170k Mercedes on 'test drive' | Mail Online
  7. J

    Got crashed in to :( gutted

    Myself and my fiancé were out in the e55, having a good day, drove down a duel caridgeway, came up behind a landrover freelander that was driving at about 30mph, we over take and I notice his green P plate as he swerved in to our lane then back to his. I made the comment that he should maybe...
  8. jamesfuller

    Someone crashed into the 230TE!

    This morning, swmbo was driving through Clapham on her way to work (headlights on and sensible speed) and a Suzuki Swift pulled out from a driveway/small road straight into the side of the 230TE. The damage is both n/s doors and claddings, a bent in wheel arch and a scratched rear wheel...
  9. BTB 500

    Crashed cars found in US lake after more than 40 years

    Two crashed cars and their occupants have been found at the bottom of a US lake after apparently going missing in 1969 and 1970 respectively. A slightly creepy story but I guess it will give closure to their surviving relatives. Foss Lake: Bodies Found In Submerged Cars
  10. RTaylor

    Becker crashed and restarted

    Hi all, Has anyone else had their Becker crash and restart when pressing the 'Navi' button on Audio 20 unit It's only happened once so far since I upgraded to 2.5 MSG was ( or similar to' failed to initialise wmimaster , restarting device It then seemed to do a soft rest. Interesting thing...
  11. tomtoms

    Crashed my Mercedes into a horse!!

    Hi guys. Since crashing my Merc ive got onto Ford (dont hate me please). My current car is a Mondeo ST TDCI but I can say with confidence the next car I buy will be another Merc because I miss mone. Now I currently dont own a Mercedes but I thought I would share my experience with some of you...
  12. Gucci

    Crashed into an ambulance

    Fortunately, not me, but my brother-in-law was out for a Friday night spin in his Golf R32 last night. His account was that he left the lights "quickly", lost control and hit the side of an ambulance on the other side of the road :eek: He's VERY lucky nobody was in that ambulance, but £100k...
  13. M

    My 3 year old Crashed my Vito!

    my 3 year old released the handle for my Vito and it rolled off our drive and hit a wall! Can i do anything to make it harder to release? Has this happened to anyone else? Matt
  14. Satch

    The Man Who Crashed the World.

    I was reminded of this by a heated conversation this afternoon over whose "fault" the financial crisis was. Of course a systemic and collective failure and by no means can all of it be laid at the door of any one person. But if you did want to have a go at that, then quite astoundingly a...
  15. iscaboy

    New Jag crashed, literally, because of computers onboard

    Slashdot | New Jaguar XJ Suffers Blue Screen of Death also at Jaguar XJ Super Sport goes all Blue Screen of Death on us | Crave | CNET UK Modern cars are no mere mechanical devices. They're pervasively monitored and controlled by dozens of computers linked by internal vehicular networks so...
  16. F

    500SLC Silver Arrows Racing - Crashed! Oh NO!

    Sorry for the cross post folks... pics are here.... • View topic - Silver Arrows Racing. Rallye de Wallonie CRASHED! Damn, it looks messy, I'm sure the boys will get it sorted though. I wonder if there is any video of the crash anywhere?
  17. B

    Mercedes Crashed !

    Hi, My Mercedes E270 Cdi was involved in a low speed motorway crash - its a write off. What I wanted to know is if there is any benefit in buying the car back and selling the bits off it.
  18. WLeg

    Crashed SLR in Poland..... That must have hurt a bit.......
  19. nick mercedes

    When crashed ones cost more than straight ones... £6995...
  20. chriswt

    Crashed Lamborghini. What a shame...

    ...the driver wasn't seriously hurt! This will no doubt be a great pub story for the absolute idiot of a driver rather than a lesson learnt.
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