1. 6

    CEL and limp home mode :crazy:

    Have a 2009 CSL 320 CDI. Bought it 3 weeks ago. Got the Service A, gearbox and brake fluids changed too. A few days ago, CEL lit up followed by a lack of power. Other than that, gearbox changes were smooth and acceleration was smooth, but limited. Was 60 miles from home. Switched off and on...
  2. E

    Drive Unavailable and beeping (driving me crazy)

    Hi my 2012 w204 c class coupe audio 20 keeps on beeping and displays drive unavailable, it some times let me access the disc drive which are showing as empty, the drive does not let me insert any discs, issue is driving me crazy what do i do
  3. D

    crazy price for w129 500sl pre facelift even for a minter

    1991 Mercedes-Benz 500SL - 21,102 Miles From New - FSH - Exceptional | eBay
  4. A

    Aaaghh.. squeeks and rattles driving me crazy!

    Hi, My 2013 E63 has numerous squeaks and rattles that are driving me crazy, and seem to be very difficult to locate (they sound like they are coming from everywhere!). I have been sensitised to the noises to he extent that it is really starting to spoil my enjoyment of the car. I am desperate...
  5. B

    Central Locking crazy problem W202 C180 1998

    Hello This is crazy but maybe someone can help? Remote: When I lock, indicators flash 3 times normal but no locking occurs. When I unlock, The boot pops open!! When I press boot open, boot also pops open. When I open driver door, boot pops open. When I press door unlock on dash...
  6. H

    S204 Speedometer light went crazy

    Hi everyone, I have this problem for 2 days. It occurs from time to time for view sec and then it goes back to normal. Any idea what could it be? MB S204 C220 CDI 2009
  7. JoeyM88

    Lights have gone crazy

    Got in the car today to go to work and it came Up saying "auto lights inoperable" which I thought I can live without for now but when i was behind a car I checked them. My headlighs came on as well as my left full beam and right fog light. Help!?!? What could it be. Im running hids but these...
  8. M

    W639 Viano Instrument Cluster gone crazy!

    Hi all! My 2006 W639 Viano LWB 2.2CDi with 62k kms on the clock has got its instrument cluster/speedometer spooked somehow. So last week I sent the Viano for some minor detailing work (compound polish, seal and wax) as its been a while since it was last detailed. The van was just as usual...
  9. F

    Crazy Ferrari's of London - July-Aug16
  10. D

    Crazy Old Man Driving Prank - Rally Driver Petter Solberg AMG One to watch
  11. B

    (w215) CL 500 is confusing me like crazy...

    Hello everyone, I recently had a failure on the right front wheel bearing, luckily the wheel didn't come off while I was on the highway, anyways now I fixed it and fitted new bearings on both sides. I did disconnected the battery alot of times it's never been any issue when I have done it...
  12. camerafodder

    Crazy bird

    This had me in stitchesm the action starts at around 55secs Warning, there is some bad language! XM8aBESf8EI
  13. T

    driving me crazy

    arrrrrrrŕrrrrrrrrrrrrrr vito starting problems Hi all. I am having minor issues with my vito 115 04 reg. Recently purchased this beautiful machine only to find it have an intermittent starting problem. I go out there every morning and it starts. I can stop and start sometimes 4 or 5 times...
  14. M

    Alarm Unusual Problem Driving Me Crazy!!!

    I found this forum as I'm looking for some advise on a problem with my car alarm. Everytime i lock my car and walk away, i come back to the hazard lights flashing and a whilisting noise (which is now very faint). I have checked everything, no doors or boot/bonet open, the windows have rolled...
  15. K

    Electrics going crazy

    Just to let people the problems I am experiencing today. I noticed the ECO light was flashing and the engine not shutting down when stopped. Got home and tried to lock the car and it will not lock, plus the fuel gauge going from full to reserve. Phoned MB as the car is only 2.5 years old and...
  16. bob6600

    This is crazy!!

    Police released this video of drivers U-turning and going down the wrong way down a slip road to avoid a traffic jam 20 seconds in is shocking :eek::eek: [YOUTUBE HD]McuoNHHcKZ0[/YOUTUBE HD]
  17. M

    Crazy Car Insurance!!!

    Car insurance time again!:mad: Playing around with the filters on the various sites 'Car kept over night in locked garage' price increases!!! Car just dumped on the drive price goes down!???:dk: Is a car in locked garage now less safe than on the drive! very!
  18. Herishi

    Fuel computer gone crazy

    Tried to post this in technical - electronics but it would t let my do it on my iphone. My fuel computer says i have done an average of 35mpg and used 1/4 of an 80 ltr tank. This actually works out at 45mpg. It also says the remaining 3/4 of a tank will only take my 220 miles! Ihas anyone come...
  19. dan-mb

    Crazy Thai truck driver! Road rage video

    So this is one crazy driver.
  20. Z

    Crazy Main Dealers

    Hi,my stepson has a 2006 passat,his rear indicators seem to be slowly dying they are LED,s this was a standard fitting,there are about 30 in a circle and small segments just go out,so I started to look round for them no luck on ebay,until I decided to visit the VW main dealer at Colchester right...
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