1. B

    C63 estate - creak from the headlining in the rear

    Or at least that's where it sounds like it's coming from to me in the driver's seat. Any known culprits in this area? Obvious and easy fix I could try before I start trying to self diagnose?
  2. P

    W211 front suspension creak unbearable!

    Hi all Now the weather has improved my 2009 W211 220CDI has started making its incredibly noisy suspension known again. Before I start spending money on replacing components i was wondering if anyone had experienced something similar before. Just a short...
  3. R

    2006 E320 front suspension creak

    My E320 has an extremely loud creak which appears to be coming from the offside front. Took it to my local indie who of course could find nothing wrong but suggested it may be the lower track control arm balljoint. No charge for the examination, but it would be £95 plus Vat to replace. Hmmm...
  4. Bobsta

    W204 sunroof care / fixing squeak

    Hi folks, The sunroof on my '09 W204 makes a pretty horrible squeak when opening and closing. What's the recommended maintenance on the mechanism and roof seal? It sounds like it needs a lubricant of some sort. Thanks, Bobsta
  5. J

    C63 strange creak

    My C63 coupe has a really strange creak, quite loud and almost a 'crack'!!! Happens every morning when i take it off the drive or if I parked on the road, as it comes off the Kerb. Makes me think the whole car is about to split open. Hard to explain but similar to when you open a frozen window...
  6. M

    W211 estate 2006 Creak from o/s front wheel

    Hi I have a creak on o/s front wheel when turning slow to park, i think it may be a broken spring at the top but cannot see anything, Questions any clues what it may be ? before i get it checked out, if it is front spring will fitting that one be ok or should i have to get both sides fitted...
  7. A

    C CLass air con noises

    I have a 2011 C Class petrol saloon. The air con, when heating, suffers from buzzes and creaks. The buzzes I put down to stepper motors in action and the creaks to noisy flow adjusting flaps. The car has been to the dealer more than once but they do not want to get involved. The UK...
  8. Londonscottish

    W211 Front Suspension Creak

    Hi, just looking for some educated guesses as to what is causing the brand new creak at the OSF of my (Airmatic) W211. Whatever it is (bush?) creaks at low velocity compression and rebound - say going over a speedbump. I can also make it creak when stationary by moving the steering wheel...
  9. G

    front suspension creak

    I have a 2008 CLS320CDi which has developed a creak in the front suspension, is this a common problem? Any suggestions to cure? Is there a grease or lubricant I can use? thanks for any feedback Graham
  10. A

    Front squeak/creak

    Hello guys, first noticed it while doing about 50 mph and was in a slight left bend(Guildford Bypass). Sounded like a squeaky bed. Once the road was straight , the noise dissappeared. Now it squeaks over very uneven road( farm tracks), going through roundabouts, when applying brakes coming to a...
  11. D

    A Class (2003) steering creak

    I have an annoying creak or ticking noise when I move the steering wheel left and right, at low speed on my 2003 A Class. Appears to be coming from the offside suspension strut area Have looked at previous forums on this problem and there is mention of a) replace the top bearing on the...
  12. Beno

    Door mirror creak

    Guys, Has anyone come across there door mirror creaking/squeaking i noticed the drivers side mirror creaks when I open the door fully or if you move the mirror (wriggling it). I've tried spray lubricating it but to no effect. Any ideas? :dk:
  13. M


    Not sure what is causing this so may have posted in the wrong area. For several months now I have noticed a creak/groan when turning to the right slowly (when manouvering to park for example). Only hear it going forwards and the sound seems to come from the front passenger corner. It's...
  14. M


    Deleted - double post
  15. smoothcoupe

    W124 300ce24v rear suspension creak.

    I have a 1992 300ce24 sportline. There is a noisy squeeky creaking coming from the rear suspension, it is a lot more noticeable when driving slow over rough ground ie speed bumps etc. When cruising at 30mph + it isnt noticeable. I had a quick look the other day and think it could be rear anti...
  16. R

    02 CLK320 suspension creak!

    Recently got my first Merc, 52 plate CLK320 avantgarde! Love the car, but driving it around on the snow and ice, not for the sake of it but out of need, and the car now has a faint creak form the passenger side rear suspension! I wanted to just check with some knowledgeable merc guys if there...
  17. BAABU

    W211 Front N/S Brakes Creak When Pressed

    I have a 03 E220 CDi which appears to make a creaking sound from the front N/S brakes everytime the brakes are pressed. It's most noticeable when moving along in slow traffic. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks.
  18. NICKYB

    Soft Top Creak!!!

    The roof on my CLK has just started to creak slightly, how can i resolve this? whats the best thing to use and where? thanks
  19. mickl

    suspension creak

    the suspension creaks slightly when getting in and out of my car (and yes I'm a fat git before anyone says it! :cool: ) when that happens is it the spring or the dampers that are making the noise?
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