1. J

    Creaking when braking ?

    Thought it was The front suspension, as mainly notice it when coming up the drive but seems to be rear brakes, its a 2008 CLS, no SBC so its not that. Any ideas ?
  2. J

    CLS 219 - Creaking airmatic level sensor

    Hi, have a 2008 CLS 500, I had a creak from the front left suspension and started doing the ball joint, got it apart and it was fine, then realised that the noise was coming from the Airmatic level sensor when I detached the dog bone that connects it to the top wishbone. I doused it in WD40...
  3. DSM10000

    Creaking sound when braking / releasing brake pedal at low speed

    I have not driven the MB a great deal in the last few weeks but had noticed a creaking type of noise when applying the brake pedal gently at low speed and again on releasing it and this is now getting louder. It is a very noticeable sound in the cabin but nothing can be heard outside with the...
  4. B

    W205 estate rear seat creaking

    My 2 month old W205 has developed a creak from the section of the rear seat (offside 40%) that I tend to fold down most (but having said that only about half a dozen times), when it is clipped back into the upright position. Anyone else had this experience? I am loathed to raise it with the...
  5. Jay2512

    GLC & C Class creaking seals

    I've seen a few comments about the creaking door seals / windows on the W205 and as a previous sufferer with my S205 I had hoped the GLC would be different. Well maybe not, as the cold damp weather has set in the doors have slowly started to creak. I've tried the usual soap, washing up liquid...
  6. D

    GLC Creaking from front when going over speed bumps.

    New GLC has developed creaking noise from front end. Am told there is a fix for which involves packing the bumper stops with a special grease. Has anybody else had this problem?
  7. R

    C63s creaking noise

    My C63s suffers from a creaking noise over anything but smooth tarmac. I've read that the US has identified a suspension problem that requires new springs and other parts. Has anyone in the UK heard of this? My local dealer denies all knowledge.
  8. G

    W204 C63 Seat Play and Creaking

    Hey all, So my 2012 C63 has 18,000 on the clock. When I picked it up I noticed the seat had a lot of movement, I noticed it when accelerating from a standstill, and coming to a halt. The seat also creaked and squeaked when going round corners etc. The dealer had a look and said one of the...
  9. T

    W245 b170 creaking noise

    Evening The misses b class creaks when steering, are these common for top mount failure as that's generally the cause on most cars? Thanks in advanced
  10. J

    W205 C Class Creaking Dash

    If i set the climate control to around 22c or higher i find the dash creaks like mad and drives me crazy :wallbash: at lower temperatures it seems to be fine with either no or the odd squeak. Seems to be something to do with plastic contracting when it warms up. Also find the same from cold when...
  11. CLS-Reece

    CLS 350 60 plate Creaking noise

    Hi there Just picked up my CLS 350 60 plate and i love the car, just a little thing thats getting annoying and want it sorted. When i am turning left at slow speed and coming to a stand still there is like a creaking noise coming from the front left. to me it sounds like the anti roll...
  12. Optimus prime

    Creaking drivers seat

    Does anyone else suffer with a creaking drivers seat when you weight shifts on cornering? The creaking comes from the low R/H side, very annoying! Especially as I am only 12st 10lbs so its not a weight thing :dk:
  13. scorpie

    W203 Squeaky Suspension

    I recently replaced my front lower and upper wishbone arms on the front of my C Class W203 when it began squaking like an old bed over every speed bump. The problem was caused by the wishbones not being tightened enough, they have to be really, really tight, on the verge of wringing off the bolt...
  14. M

    C Coupe Panoramic Roof Creaking

    Hi does anyone that has had this problem, and managed to have it fixed, know what was actually done to fix it? My car has been into the dealer several times and still no luck. I know it's the roof because if I push up on it with my hand from inside when I hear it creaking it stops. Thanks
  15. G

    Correct diagnosis, creaking sound?

    Correct diagnosis, creaking sound? My car: Mercedes ML270 CDI year 2004 Mileage 65000 Have noticed creaking noise (like bed springs) occasionally getting in and out of car and when car pointing down on slope just after applying hand brake car moves forward slightly and creeks , also if rock...
  16. smoothcoupe

    E55 creaking sound over bumps.

    Hi, all is fine apart from when going over speed bumps and crappy road surfaces there is a creaking sound coming from the osf. This is evident ehen driving at slow speeds but not when driving normally.. any ideas guys?? Sorry its a 2004 ,E55k 63,000 miles.
  17. Craig L

    w211 creaking noises

    Hello, i'm new on here & having problems with creaking noises from my 2007 e class 220 with approx 68000 miles. I can only describe it like someone bouncing on a creaking bed. Happens now & again when going over rough ground, turning up a slight incline & is quite loud. I have left it with the...
  18. P

    2001, W220, S320L, S CLASS, front suspension creaking

    Hi more problems with the German,I have had for a little while now a small squeak on occasions from suspension over bumps but over Easter break noise became a creak and could be heard when car had been used getting in and out of car and turning steering when car was stationary on investigation...
  19. dazzaf1

    creaking !

    Hi all my 2004 clk 270 cdi has developed a really loud creaking noise from the back suspension ! Seems to drive ok , any ideas ?
  20. Teshie

    Creaking Anti rollbar bush

    Looks like I have a creaking torsion bar bush on the off side front of my W221 I have purchased some epoxy resin to glue the bush to the mount in order to stop the dreadful noise it makes when going over undulations in the road
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