1. mark_le_b

    W210 E55 Creaky rear end!

    Any idea on what would cause creaky rear end on old E55 Car has had new suspension spheres so its not them and it doesn't seem to be creaking when its bounced up and down when its parked - but noticeable when driving (on all road surfaces, not just bumps) Could it be sub frame bushes? Or...
  2. D

    Creaky roof

    I have a 2012 E CLass coupe with the panoramic sunroof. I've had the car for a month or so and the roof is driving me crazy. It continually creaks over every surface. Once I have it on tilt it's bearable however as soon as it's down it's a nightmare. Car is still under manufacturer warranty...
  3. E

    Steering gone creaky

    Have noticed a slight whine on slow turns and I think I have done a silly thing.... I lifted up the rubber boot at bottom of steering column (in engine bay) and squirted penetrating fluid and a smear of bearing grease). Now whenever I turn the steering wheel I get a rubber creaking noise that...
  4. SL350_SWINDON

    Creaky roof

    My roof creaks a lot and it's the thing I hate most about my car. It would probably be the only reason I'd switch to something else. I've bought the special mild lubricant from Mercedes but it doesn't seem to 100% solve the issue and only helps for a short time. I think I need to clean the...
  5. Lukeydb

    creaky noise front left slow driving w203

    Sometimes when I'm driving slow I can hear some creaky noise front left side of my car. Any ideas what it can be?
  6. mikeyb1049

    Creaky steering wheel argh!!

    Hi all Does anyone know how to remove this please? My steering wheel squeaks, creaks and groans like crazy at anything other than the straight ahead position and so I want to investigate - I'm assuming I need to remove the shroud to do this.... All help gratefully received!
  7. J

    Creaky Front Suspension W208 at low speed

    My CLK 208 (2001 - 80,000k) has very creaky front suspension when turning at low speed first thing in the morning. Seems to improve on the open road. But back again in low speed turning - like parking). This has been going on for over a month! Ant ideas on likely cause, repair and cost.
  8. R

    W210 creaky steering

    I've done a few searches on the subject, but I couldn't find an answer to the problem, so I apologise if this has been covered already. I'm getting an annoying creaking from my steering and it's doing my head in :wallbash: it happens most of the time at any speeds, and it feels/sounds like...
  9. B

    creaky steering

    hi since the last couple of days a very annoying creaking noise has started coming from near side front wheel area of my w211 e320 sport which is on an 07 plate, the noise only appears when crawling or stationary and steering wheel is turned. i was wondering if the spring has broke or a drop...
  10. M

    Creaky headlining

    On the few (rainy) occasions where I've driven my SLK from cold with the roof up recently, I've noticed that for the first mile or so the headlining tends to respond to every bump or pothole with a noticeable creak. I'm assuming this is because the plastic is cold, as once the interior has...
  11. C

    W202 C36 creaky rear suspension

    I'm hoping that someone can help with an annoying problem. My C36 has developed a very annoying creak at the rear passenger side when there is any stress on the suspension - so all the time :( I took it to my local independent who spotted that the rear quarter of the car was very rusty and...
  12. kevinofengland

    creaky dashboard

    Does anyone have any experience of a creaking dashboard when driving? I have an SLK with leather interior. I wondered if silicone spray down all the joins might help? Would it do any harm if it didn't help Any comments are gratefully recieved:rock:
  13. D

    Creaky Passenger Seat on W209

    Hi, I was wondering whether anyone would have any tips / suggestions on what to do to solve a creaky seat on my newish CLKW209. I have had the motor 2 months now - an ex demo sport model with 6k on the clock. Everytime my other half sits in the passenger seat, and upon breaking or going...
  14. Donza

    Creaky Creaky Creaky....

    Its like a creaky disco at the minute in my W211. If its not the plastic surround covering the dials, its the passenger seat. If its not the passenger seat its the rear headrests.. :crazy: Obviously the cold is having an impact. But on a serious note here, does anyone see their passenger side...
  15. chriswt

    Creaky Windows in a CLK!!

    Not sure if this is a technical question or not but does anyone who has a W208 CLK find that their driver and passenger windows creak when partially open? When I go over anything but a completely smooth road the windows creak very loudly (I assume its against the rubber window seals) and I’m...
  16. ShinyF1

    Creaky front seats

    I have regular semi electric front seats which have started creaking - the best I can guess that it is the seat springs themselves, but wondered if this was likely. Any ideas/suggestions as to whether my hunch is right, and either what the fix could be, or what real cause is?
  17. D

    SLK creaky roof

    I drove our SLK today for the first time in months, Missus drives mainly. I was amazed at how creaky the roof was, even slightly uneven surfaces provoked a creaking and occasionaly a clunk! The reason I was driving was that the 12 month warranty expired next month and my local dealer had...
  18. bruiserdennison

    R129 Creaky hard-tops?

    Am just about to sign on the dotted line for a 94 500SL but am a little worried that there are a few creaks from the hard top during driving - is this normal?/can it be resolved with a bit of silicone? Bruiser
  19. K

    creaky suspension - e300 diesel estate

    A few days ago I had the rear axle rubber mounts replaced. Since then the rear suspension has been creaking every time I go over a large bump/speed bump, etc. It seems to be getting worse. I phoned the specialist who carried out the work and he says the two shouldn't be related. If that is...
  20. T

    Steering Wheel Noise - Creaky Spring?

    Hello again to everyone! I have a bit of strange problem with my car and I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice? Over the last few weeks, whenever I turn the steering wheel to the left, I am getting a noise like a creaky spring. It's not a particularly loud noise but it is...
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