1. T

    Harvey--Not Bristol Cream

    My daughter called me today from Houston! Harvey is bearing down on Texas. Being a doctor on call at Baylor U Hospital she has been asked to stay as emergency medical backup & not evacuate. Worried about the storm surge I said look don't worry you have be through worst in challenges in...
  2. K

    W123: cream buffalo seats

    One owner 67429 miles only For Sale (1983) on Car And Classic UK [C892910]
  3. gr1nch

    Is this Lincolnshire Ice Cream Van the world's smallest?

    Spotted yesterday in Louth. The owner told me over a coffee ice cream cone (and flake naturally!) that he was originally looking for a Mini flat bed / pick up van for fishing. This was the only one he could find and he got it to modify. Trouble was his wife took a shine to it, meaning they kept...
  4. c55

    W124T Estate S124 Seat 6/7 Mushroom Cream

    W124 Estate Seat 6/7 In mushroom cream Now available due to a complete interior colour swap the following is available: Seat 6/7 in mushroom cream Complete Estate carpet set in mushroom cream Spare wheel cover Sold Cubby box Sold Leather seats in mushroom/ Cream 1, 2 3 & 4 Sold
  5. gunning

    W163 parcel shelf/ load cover in cream for sale

    Came out of my brabus w163 ML which I forgot to put back in. In nice condition. First reasonable offer takes it.
  6. ALB1

    W163 Ice Cream Van Horn

    Not a verry interesting post Can anyone tell me why they put a girly meepmeep horn on a big vehicle like th ML also any ideas on what horn to replace them with? looking for a deep manly horn for the ML
  7. W

    Cream on the oil cap!

    Earlier today I took my oil cap off and notice small amount of cream on the cap and a little on the opening. Is that sign of head gasket or condensation. My car is a clk 240 with 102k. Temperature is normal around 90/100
  8. glyn86

    Red dye stains on cream carpets

    Hi I have these horrible patchs of red dye like from old car mats that transfered onto my cream carpet.does anyone know how I would get it out.i have tryed a few products but nothing works
  9. gunning

    S211 hidden boot storage/ folding seat cover in cream

    I don't know the actual name of this part but it's left over from an e class estate w211. It's a manufacturer part and is basically a hidden compartment or a rear seat cover. In good condition. Saw one on eBay for £60 delivered. I'm happy to take £35 delivered but no offers.
  10. W

    W210 Estate cream leather interior

    I'd like to upgrade my cloth seats to leather. Anyone breaking a car with a cream set? I'm in Gloucestershire but willing to travel. Tom 07966 053698
  11. E270 Owner

    W211 Beige / Cream interior parts

    Hi Anyone breaking a E Class W211 ? Single piece Armrest not 2 parts A211 680 0239 8J61 (135A) and Drivers side "B" Post cover trim A211 690 8026 8J56 (355A) thanks
  12. Gentabout

    Emva Cream Sherry

    My other half last night decided that she would like a bottle of Emva Cream Sherry and put it on her xmas list at the last minute. Having never heard of it I passed the request on to my sister as she has been asking me what she should get and has a little more time spare than I do. Today she...
  13. J

    C43 interior,black and cream

    I sooooo much want this interior but its a saloon and wont fit my estate... gutted totally.. :( Mercedes C43 Amg Leather Interior | eBay
  14. REI

    Mercedes W124 Complete cream interior for sale

    Hi All I have a full interior set taken out of a Mercedes E320 coupe in cream that im selling Seats Door cards mates headlining Steering wheel (SOLD) Dash (SOLD) Center Console Ash Tray If interested please get in touch as I may have some more bits that I have missed out Pictures also...
  15. 300CE

    MERCEDES 300CE-24 Sport Line AUTO RED with Cream Leather 1991 H & Under Sealed

    Lose that horrid rear spoiler and that would become a nice looking beast: MERCEDES 300CE-24 Sport Line AUTO RED with Cream Leather 1991 H & Under Sealed | eBay
  16. shanksy

    W124 Cream Sun Visors

    Got a pair of cream sun visors including the clips and screws up for grabs. If anyone's interested PM before I stick 'em on ebay. These are not the illuminated ones however the passenger visor does have a mirrir Ta
  17. 300CE

    Mercedes 300 ce complete cream leather interior (£50.00 start/no bids as yet)

    Full interior with dash, carpets and steering wheel: Mercedes 300 ce complete leather interior | eBay
  18. BaldGuy

    Hand Cream off leather

    Hi, Can any of the detailers help?? I have handcream on my seats and door panels due to the lovely lady in my life and daughter... I have it on both cars... What can i use to get this off as everything i've tried hasnt worked... cheers Greg
  19. 300CE


  20. jke11y

    Cream speaker cover cloth

    Looking to replace the cream speaker cloth on the doors of my R129. Before i take a chance on eBay generic speaker cloth, does anyone know of a source for the original stuff? Thanks
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