1. K

    W202 C240 Brake creek

    Hi folks, Got a small problem recently. When I reverse out of the drive and brake I can hear the front brakea make a very distinctive creek/crack noise, then when I go forwards and stop same thing. Basically I get this when I go in the opposite direction and brake. Seems like some movement...
  2. K

    Seat Creek (more Crack sound) - AMG C63

    Hi folks, Wondering is anyone has experienced any creeking in the drivers seat? In the past month my drivers seat has a creek, which is more a clear single crack sound when I go around corners or make a specific movement when in the seat. (And before you folks ask - I'm not speeding around...
  3. Tyler Durden

    Boot up the creek...

    Chaps I have not been able to look at this at all, it might be something as simple as a bloody fuse... Half hour ago I had three 'malfunctions' flash up on the dash of my E320 (04). Left and right number plate lights and the third brake light. Can not open boot via key fob OR car. Anyone...
  4. H

    Wipers And Indicators Up The Creek

    Can any one tell me which is the dual function relay for the wipers and turn signals on a W140. I have no indicators and wipers at one speed only with no parking.
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