1. M.A.94

    Auto gearbox doesnt creep forwards

    W210 e320, feels as though it isn't creeping forwards (or back in reverse). Could this be due to the oil being thick with the cold weather or do I have a problem?
  2. M

    Car doesn't creep very well!

    :) Evening all - My S203 C220 CDi with 6 sp semi auto doesn't creep forward very easily at junctions. At a junction with an incline it often rolls back as I take my foot off the brake on onto the gas. Is this my lack of driving skill? Something wrong with my 'box? Should I be using the...
  3. A

    Auto Creep

    Hi there It may just be me - but my 2001 CLK Vert does not really creep forwards (and certainly not backwards when in reverse) when you release the brake - its most noticeable on hills where it does tend to roll backwards - unlike any other auto ive owned. Its most problematic when parking as...
  4. C

    Snow creep c220 cdi

    Just returned from an interesting drive to canterbury from Exeter... On the m20 the road just froze, causing a multiple pile up some minutes before me, nobody hurt. what was scary though apart from everything else was that on the black ice every time i put the brakes on the auto creep pushed...
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