1. C

    crewe engines any opinions?

    hi as per title any opinions on crewe engines? 2.3 16v w201 with big end failure by the sounds of it. 120k on clock am thinking bite the bullet and go for a full engine remanufacture from them. would like some opinions if poss.
  2. paulgorringe

    Independent near Crewe?

    Hi to you all :thumb: Does anyone on here have a recommendation for a Mercedes independent near Crewe, Cheshire? Looking for servicing and diagnostics for my CLK Thanks
  3. Meldrew2

    We apologise for the delay to the 1315 from Crewe.....

    At least it wasn't leaves on the line :doh: YouTube video of maniac clinging to railway tracks as train runs over his body | Mail Online
  4. P

    how to get to dover from crewe

    Can any one help ? I'm travelling to Dover ferry port from crewe, need to be there for 8am friday morning and worrying I will get stuck in rush hour traffic ! Know any good roads to take and roughly how long ?
  5. M

    crewe engines

    i think i might get my engine rebuilt by crewe engines any one had any dealings with them
  6. scotth_uk

    Anyone dealt with Crewe Engines

    Anyone dealt with Crewe Engines before? I am toying with the idea of replacing my engine.....
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