1. N

    Loud mouth + 6 balls = a million laughs!

    Bawhahahahaha!! Video: Ashes 2013-14: Piers Morgan tweets X-ray of fractured rib after facing Brett Lee in MCG nets - Telegraph
  2. swannymere

    For England Cricket Fans

    Try reading this without a big grin on your face :D
  3. R

    Ouch the Aussie press is not happy with their Cricket team:

    Ouch the Aussie press is not happy with their Cricket team: "Can't bat, can't bowl, can't field and can't even think straight " "An embarrassment of historic proportions THE worst Australian team ever fielded for an Ashes series England celebrate a 3-1 victory at the SCG in...
  4. Druk

    It's just not cricket.

    Well, rugby actually, but I needed a snappy title. The story so far. I have a mentally disabled nephew (30yrs) in the care of a home in the SE Midlands. He is a great fan of the local rugby club. (a large, very successful rugby club). Because of his disability he has to be in the charge...
  5. Charles Morgan

    For Cricket fans

    ...the Daily Mash's take on the latest match fixing allegations against England
  6. Colin_b

    dangerous game, cricket.

    Keep your eye on the ball... BBC NEWS | Wales | South West Wales | Umpire dies in cricket accident
  7. Chattonmill

    Heavy Roller for cricket pitch!

    A bit of a bizarre request, but if you dont ask.......! I run the local cricket club, after last years floods we are now without our Pitch roller. So if anyone has one/knows of one sitting and doing nothing then I am definately interested. I have seen the awesome power of the members on this...
  8. glojo


    Wot a boring game!!! I have just watched someone called Graham Napier score 152 runs off just 58 balls. Sixteen sixes...... Yup sixteen sixes and boy were the impressive. To retrieve one ball David Lloyd the cricket commentator even climbed over a fence to get into someone's back garden...
  9. glojo

    Don't mention the cricket

    Is it wrong to congratulate Zimbabwe over there excellent defeat of Australia? :devil: :devil: :D :D :D :D :D :D What a brilliant game. When the rain came and play was stopped it looked like Australia were going to sneek an undeserved victory, but play resumed and boy was it a close run...
  10. F

    Sad day in the world of cricket

    after the shock defeat and early exit of Pakistan in the world cup, Bob Woolmer the pakistani coach was announced dead yesterday. I feel its been a great loss to the cricketing world and being an avid cricket fan, i just to express my sadness OF Bob's death. I take my cap off to Mr Woolmer, may...
  11. glojo

    Cricket Wot Cricket?

    :o :o :o Australia 73 for 1 SEVEN fours and FIVE sixes. Just to add insult to injury England dropped a very, very SIMPLE catch. John Lewis Humiliated?? Humiliating?? all the English players should be deported and made to stay and live the rest of their lives in Australia so that they can...
  12. Thmsshaun

    Some Cricket fun

    Send the Aussies home with this game. It's great! When you get to Channel 4's web site click on the game link (where it says click here to play) COME ON ENGLAND !!!!!!!! :D
  13. scotth_uk

    It's just not cricket......

    Hi All (for those of you that like cricket) The company that I contract to is just about to be announced as the saviour of the famous Parker's Piece in Cambridge in partnership with the council.
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