1. developer

    Mate Crime - BBC One 7.30pm

    BBC One Inside Out 7.30pm. The term "mate crime" is being used to raise awareness. BBC News - 'Mate crime': Fake friend abuse that can end in murder Gemma Hayter was "befriended" but ended up being tortured and murdered on a disused railway line. Gemma Hayter trial: five jailed for 'vile...
  2. AnilS

    Partners in Crime

    Both of my babies detailed. Merc started here; Now nearly there :thumb:
  3. ringway

    UK Crime Statistics. Check your area.

    I'm considering moving to another area of England, some 200 miles from where I presently live. Although I have visited the areas I would like to relocate to, I thought it a good idea to do some research. The UK Crime Statistics site has been useful. LINK. I'm at the mercy of those who...
  4. Sp!ke

    My latest crime

    £135 they want from me. Legalised robbery or bang to rights?
  5. Satch

    Crime maps

    Mrs S. has gotten all atwitch because we appear to be living in a veritable den of inquity, vast numbers of evil things being attributed to our postcode. But Surrey police cannot tell us why this is so, having no recorded incidents in our immediate area. However, as we have three schools, a...
  6. The Boss

    'Crime boss' has £4m of supercars seized

    An astonishing fleet of luxury cars has been taken from a suspected crime king. The collection includes two Enzo Ferraris, two Bugatti Veyrons and two Rolls-Royce Phantoms. The haul is worth just over £4,000,000. The amazing group of supercars and luxury cars was scattered across the UK and...
  7. mercmanuk

    crime does not pay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    'Crime boss' has £4m of supercars seized - Yahoo! Cars
  8. Smarties


    For reasons unknown Someone saw fit to close my original post, Crime and (lack of) Punishment, which relates to the sentencing handed down to 2 young thugs yesterday. However, it was attracting some open and honest debate and I think it only right and fair that I should have the right to reply...
  9. Smarties


    OK, I know its emotive and have had similar debates before at great length as to if the punishment fits the crime (Ronnie Biggs etc). Today’s news that the pair of little s###s that tortured, sexually abused and beat to within an inch of their lives a pair of young lads, have been handed an...
  10. Mr_Menz

    Crime in the UK

    Hi everybody, I got my first interesting spam email this morning from a name and shame website; Just wondered if anyone else has heard of this before? It doesnt say who its run by...but it reminds me of the campaigns that were run by the News of the world a few years...
  11. W

    Website: area-by-area crime

    something to keep you awake at night: Crime mapping for English and Welsh police forces - CrimeMapper The detail is quite good as it goes down to Ward level. Click on the 'Find out more' and you can read a message from your Chief Inspector, heart warming stuff :)
  12. flango

    Car Crime Hotspots

    Car crime hotspots pinpointed If your postcode begins with BR7 then you might want to double check you've locked your car and taken all your valuables out, as it's just been named and shamed as the worst car crime locale in the UK. The postcode, in Chislehurst, south-east London, tops a list...
  13. flango

    Visit to South Yorks Police Road Crime Unit - 18th Nov

    Well I have been trying to arrange this for a while but I am pleased to say that today South Yorkshire Traffic Police have kindly agreed to us visiting them at their Road Crime Operations HQ which is located in between Rotherham and Sheffield. This will be an evening visit and will consist of...
  14. purplegoddess

    police and car crime

    Police 'turn to car crime' - Yahoo! Cars can you imagine the motorist face when he finds out its the police!:doh::D
  15. Satch

    violent crime victim? Speeding Ticket? On yer bike

    This beggars belief: victims of violent crime to have their compensation slashed if they have minor offences, including a speeding ticket, in the past 5 years. Up to now, payments could be reduced where 'the applicant's character as shown by his criminal convictions makes it inappropriate...
  16. R

    Justice served or crime committed?

    KALUGA, Russia, April 15 (UPI) -- Russian police said a female hairdresser was arrested for allegedly keeping an unsuccessful armed robber bound as a sex slave for two days. Web site quoted police as saying the 32-year-old man entered the hair salon at about 5 p.m. March 14, brandished...
  17. PJH

    GPS Database Helps Reduce Crime

    Pocketgps and Bedfordshire Police Register your stolen units here
  18. pammy

    Crime and Punishment So what else could be done for such kids? I favour structured programmes that actively inolve the youngsters in finding out what a car really is - a bl**dy great WoMD in the wrong hands. A ban is apt - but clearly doesn't work, so needs to be...
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