1. grober

    Michael_Schumacher crashes!

    The need for speed? Michael_Schumacher reported to have sustained a head injury while skiing solo off piste----wearing a helmet so initial fears he was seriously injured are receding.
  2. flango

    Why do critical components always fail close to holidays ?

    Came home this afternoon and house was freezing a quick inspection of the heating revealed no power all displays dead. Now we often get a lot of power spikes so thought the fuse must have popped, changed the fuse, panel back into life all seems well until 30 minutes later when the radiators...
  3. portal_96

    W204 compatible alloys - is offset critical?

    I'm looking to buy a set of winter tyres and cheap wheels. MB quoted me 1400 for a set of 17 inch with dunlops but i wanted to shop about. I've found many sets online that say they fit the car perfectly but most are a 7.5jx17 45 ET, i note the manual recommends an offset of ET47. What would be...
  4. grober

    Mercedes Safety data critical component locations

    An illustrated webpage/file describing the locations of critical safety components on all Mercedes models for accident services...
  5. M

    Critical Mass

    Caught sight of my first Critical Mass London bike ride of 2012 last night. Although I've never been on one (and can't see I ever will), I love to catch sight of one these monthly spectacles as they make their way northwards from the South Bank. They are generally very well organised, with a...
  6. developer

    Critical of Teachers.

    It can be easy at times can't it? My eldest has started 6th form this year He's in a mainstream group but he needs significant extra help. Today he brought home his Music Technology exercise book with the following hand written note inside: "Hi John, Could we arrange a one hour visit...
  7. Carrotchomper

    Critical illness/life cover advice

    Folks, I am currently in the process of buying an apartment in the centre of Bristol, on a Keyworker-type scheme, due to complete in mid-October. I am about to sign and return the mortgage forms to my IFA, who has also included paperwork for a joint life and critical illness plan. The...
  8. glojo

    Richard Hammond critical

    Just heard that Richard Hammond has been critically injured following an accident!! I must confess I do enjoy watching him on Top Gear. Hopefully he will be making a full recovery. John
  9. inetd

    New 140 DIY book in the making - need critical feedback

    Could I ask some of you to check out: This is the beginning of a 140 DIY book, that Chiltons have shown interest in publishing. Never having written a book on a similar topic, I'd like all the criticism you can offer. I have only published a few...
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