1. 219

    Don't cross this girl !

    I'm not usually a fan of dash cam videos , but this made me laugh
  2. BaldGuy

    XXX Michelin Cross Climate x 4 As new 600 miles XXX

    I have 4 x Michelin Cross Climate tyres that have done 600 miles... 4 x 205 - 55 - 16 £70 each New.... £200 for all 4... currently on some C Class alloys
  3. gaz_l

    Cross channel ferries

    Does anyone still use them? I guess so, or they'd be out of business by now. Personally, I haven't been on a ferry across the channel since the tunnel opened all those years ago. But, we're off on a jaunt across to Belgium and Holland soon and I thought I'd check out the ferries as an...
  4. N

    Cross threaded wheel bolt CLC

    I have over tightened the wheel bolt on my CLC so that one of the bolts does not come undone ! Silly I know, but I was worried that they may be too loose and do not have a torque wrench ! Took the car to a tyre centre and they ran a mile so looking for possible solutions. I believe that it...
  5. J

    Any tips for cleaning multi cross spoke alloys?

    My alloys look great but are a pain to clean being multi cross spoke with, count it, roughly 60 gaps that needs inserting to clean per wheel! That's a total of poking some form of brush or cloth covered finger and giving it a good fingering excuse my French, 240 times for all 4 wheels. I...
  6. B

    W211 Saloon cross bars Genuine Mercedes

    Very good condition roof cross bars for W or S211 saloon. Genuine dealer fit accessory, lockable with keys, and rubber inserts, very easy to fit, very quiet in operation. Rare opportunity May swap for cross bars for W211 Estate, due to change of vehicle, otherwise looking for £100...
  7. B

    Cross wires

    Hi, I have a vaneo 1.9 family. I have to keep the fuse for my interior lights out because when it is installed, they work fine but as soon as I move off and the central locking engages they come on. Help me please.
  8. N

    Need independent garage for B service Gerrards Cross

    I would like to locate an independent garage with Mercedes experience within a reasonable distance of Gerrards Cross SL9 9 QQ area to service my CLC which is due a B service. I due not want to pay main dealer prices but can not locate a garage with trained Mercedes mechanics on the doorstep...
  9. JohnEclass

    Red Cross !

    So its Friday 6am in the morning, I'm on the M56 heading across to the M6, over taking the odd car, then the overheads show incident ahead and warn of lane closure so slow down as I'm passing a car in lane 1 as the red cross is showing in lane 3, I remember my highway code, do not pass a red...
  10. O

    Not on the road but still very cross!

    I am really p!55ed off at this latest action by the DVLA to reduce costs by making the new Driving Licence paperless. The move which has allegedly been well publicised although I hadn't heard of it is going to cause chaos and disappointment to quite a few holiday makers who need to hire a car...
  11. C

    2009 S211 e-class estate - MB cross bars fit

    Hi Recently bought a S211 E320 CDI sport - loving it. I picked up cross bars (roof rack) last week for dealership (B67812139). I went to fit them yesterday and the bars (I started with the front ones) appear too narrow for the car. I have opened up the Allen bolt plenty but they...
  12. MWCLS

    Cross reference a part number?

    I've been trawling the net to find out exactly what this part number is. A. It's a steering wheel. B. I just want to be 100% sure before committing, the seller has been very patience. A21946021038K75 If anyone can confirm exactly it's high gloss laurel with cashmere leather it...
  13. I

    Life Fitness X5 Cross Trainer

    Due to converting the garage back to car storage I need to free up some space hence the Cross Trainer needs to go. This is the model in question Originally supplied by John Lewis to the first owner and costing her £3000 I've owned it for just...
  14. M

    Exhaust cross over pipe

    Hi All I have just bought an W211 2003 E55 AMG and I want a better sound from the exhaust. I have been looking at this cross over pipe that removes the silencers and cat, does anybody know anything about them the link is below. The company cks performance Mercedes AMG Exhaust...
  15. TheAnimal

    Recommended dealer for X pipe in South East

    Hey guys, Could you kindly recommend a reputable dealer who could supply and fit a Cross pipe on my 2005 CLS55 AMG please? Around London or Bedfordshire would be ideal. Also would I need to get the car remapped after fitting a X pipe? Many thanks in advance.
  16. Stratman

    Avoid Sunbury Cross tonight

    An ambulance has overturned, with a bit of help, on the roundabout and the traffic is gridlocked on all approaches. I'm over a mile away and the jam is disappearing into the distance away from the roundabout.
  17. Wayne Parley

    Cross drilled discs on a C220/250

    Hi Just after a bit of information about the discs on my car, for no other reason than just being nosey. I currently own a 2009 C250 AMG Sport estate which has cross drilled discs on the front. I am however about to trade it in for a new C220 AMG Sport Plus Coupe. When at the dealer checking...
  18. I

    Cross cut shredder

    Been through a few of shredders. Just got this one: AmazonBasics 7- to 8-Sheet Micro-Cut Paper / CD / Credit Card Shredder with Pullout Basket: Office Products I have to say I'm very impressed so far. Depends how long it lasts I guess.
  19. K

    w202 parts cross cover

    I have a w202 c230k sport with amg suspension and wanted to know in terms of parts e.g. servicing parts unique to the sport model or can any w202 be used? parts like calipers, pads, discs, track rod ends, oil filter etc
  20. D

    mbclub exlcusive s500 hybrid with electric plug in in brent cross today
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