1. flango

    Chrysler Crossfire

    Would the panel like to educate me please? Just had a drink with a mate who has got a bit of a Christmas bonus and is planning on buying a sports car. A dealer near us has a Chrysler crossfire for sale which looks nice Now apart from the fact they are built on the slk platform use the MB v6...
  2. bpsorrel

    The ultimate Chrysler Crossfire....

    AMG 5.5 V8! :D Watch the whole vid... the sound is glorious! iQUzjIUPa9w
  3. HumberMart

    Crossfire RIP

    My lucky day, the wife decided to crash test the Crossfire, fortunately she survived to tell the tale. She was driving up the A18 out of Scunthorpe after a shopping trip this afternoon, and came across the freak thunderstorm that passed through the area. At the time she was doing 65-70...
  4. R

    Chrysler Crossfire

    Does anyone have any experience/comments on a chrysler crossfire? I was considering selling my car and have been offered one in a swap deal(a 2004 with 55k miles in blue). The car I've been offered is on pistonheads - Chrysler : 55 000 miles, very clean example, manual There are obviously...
  5. bpsorrel

    Chrysler Crossfire

    Anybody have one of these? Any views on it? I've been offered one at a great price by a Chrysler client of mine and it drove very well! It's previous SLK 320 underneath, so the mechanics are good. It sound s a lot meatier though, but I'm told that's because of the different exhaust. Just...
  6. NW_Merc

    Heater control mod Chrysler crossfire to MB

    Was watching 5th Gear when they were reviewing the Chrysler crossfire and was looking at the chrome switches they've put into the car and was wondering, seeing as the majority of the parts are from the SLK, would they (heater controls) be able to be swapped into say a W202?
  7. C240Sport97

    Crossfire Convertible

    I saw an 08 reg Crossfire convertible (manual) in mid metallic blue and black leather, black hood in showroom condition (not sure about mileage but can't be much) at Lancaster Lakeside for .... £19,995! After some haggling, you should be able to get it for £18k which is the...
  8. D

    Anybody out there got a Crossfire?

    A well known fact that the Chrysler Crossfire was based on Mark I SLK. Any owners out there be able to tell us the similarities and differences in terms of engine and platform. I like the shape for it more manly than the girly slk but I have seen top gear saying it not good to own one. Does it...
  9. ewans

    Chrysler Crossfire - comments/thoughts?

    thinking about getting something with 2 seats and very low mpg before kids come along and its all estates cars and child saftey locks! had started looking for a 986 boxster 3 years old, but the crossfire has came into the picture bacuase of 1) the merc slk underpinings and 2) the massive...
  10. Pietre

    Crossfire in Mercedes Dealer

    I visited my local dealer (Pentagon Portsmouth) yesterday, only to find changes have been made. In the once full car park at the rear there now stands a large showroom with Chrysler emblazoned all over and full of crossfire's, and I was told they are moving to new premises where they will have...
  11. scotth_uk

    TomTom Go installation in the Crossfire

    Sorry the pics are a little crap. The concrete wall in front of the car was upsetting the auto mode of my camera and I have no idea how to use the manual modes. Anyway, this is where I have installed the TTG in the Crossfire. Works great!
  12. altreed


    I like the look of the Crossfire, who thinks it should be lowered? I think it would look much cooler if it had Eibach's on it ! :D 1. Lower it! 2. Let it lie!!
  13. R

    Crossfire Cab GTG!

    First of all a Big thankyou to Matt at Motorway Sports Cars (01227 732233). Matt had arranged with his boss that we could have a gtg this morning and in the event, whilst I took some people with me, I was the only member of this forum which as you will here was a shame. Its got to be said...
  14. GrahamC230K

    Scott's Crossfire Scott, Congrats mate, that is a very nice car. The Crossfire looks are REALLY growing on me. Hated it at first glance, but wow I'm hooked. For me, having had two w202's the MB parts bin switchgear/dials would be a turn off...
  15. scotth_uk

    2004 Chrysler Crossfire Coupe

    Sorry for being so tardy with the pcitures folks, have been too busy driving it! Oops! I broke the pics 1-5. Will have to fix them.....
  16. Steve_Perry

    Chrysler Crossfire.

    I was watching 5th Gear tonight and Needles was test driving the Crossfire. Not his cup of tea but then that's not surprising as the car's mechanicals are based on the SLK and the engine on the 320 - 3.2L V6. What did surprise me though was how much Chrysler had raided the MB parts bin. The...
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