1. markjay

    Crossing Continents (or the Channel, anyway)

    Last time I used the Eurotunnel was in 1998 driving a friend's 280SEL back from Paris. I am planning a trip to Paris and back in January... this time with a pet. Well the pet is going one way, coming back without it (the pet and Mrs. MJ continue their journey by plane). Any tips and...
  2. Piff

    Dartford Crossing

    Help please. Need to use Dartford Crossing next Tuesday and again 2 weeks later. Have probably left it too late to set up any account by post. What other options are there?
  3. poormansporsche

    How was the Datford Crossing this morning ?

    Full implementation today Seemed better from what I could see from the A2 !!!
  4. BTB 500

    Dartford crossing toll booths end on Sunday

    In case you hadn't heard, the toll booths on the Dartford crossing close on 30th November and it will then no longer be possible to pay as you cross: Obviously they would like people to pre-pay, because then...
  5. merc85

    Vw Golf Dartford crossing Doh...

    As above, Golf anyone?? nobody hurt im told:eek:
  6. W

    Crossing a 190 with an SL500

    Its not pretty ...
  7. S

    Sheppey Crossing Crash - 130 Vehicles involved

    Sheppey crash: more than 100 vehicles in pile-up in misty conditions in Kent | Mail Online BBC News - Sheppey crossing crash: Dozens hurt as 130 vehicles crash
  8. grober

    Queensferry crossing

    The name for the new bridge across the river Forth has just been announced as the Queensferry Crossing or as some wit put it "May the Forth be with you"
  9. verytalldave

    Dartford Crossing Live Webcams ? ? ?

    Can anyone post a link for a working live webcam showing traffic congestion (or not) at the toll booths for the Dartford Crossing please. I have searched but with no luck. I am sure there must be at least one. Thanks in advance...................... and lest I forget...
  10. D

    Accident on Level Crossing

    Some of you may have seen the article last night about an accident on a level crossing near Doncaster. This is very close to the village where my daughter goes to school, and until recently we passed over this crossing at least twice a day. We've a strong suspicion given the timing that...
  11. brucemillar

    M25 Dartford Crossing Today at lunchtime.

    Anybody on here awaiting delivery of a nice new white C63 with mahoosive black turbine wheels and red calipers? Saw one today on the back of a trailer as I went over the QE2 bridge. A lovely looking piece of kit it was to.
  12. verytalldave

    Dartford river crossing new toll charges

    Please see table below for new charges to be introduced. This is despite a promise to remove the tolls once the crossings had been paid for.
  13. crockers

    Crossing over to or from (delete as applicable) to the Dark Side

    Have made the decision and have ordered a new iMac 27" - with the ram increased to 8GB. Been told it will arrive Monday. Am feeling like a kid at Christmas and really looking forward to it. Only problem is I have to go into the hospital Monday for my first cast change so have arranged for a...
  14. verytalldave

    Dartford River Crossing tolls

    Just come through tonight about 11pm and it was FREE. Looked it up and its free all night between 10pm and 6am for all vehicles. Dont remember seeing this in the press or news. Did you know? I KNOW it should be free anyway, but at least its better than a...
  15. Dieselman

    Faithful crossing

    I had a really surreal experience this morning. I was driving along a multi lane arterial City road and had to turn into a very small side road (more of an alley, but it has a road name and double yellow lines). There was a middle aged woman walking down the pavement and it was obvious we were...
  16. Howard

    Shortest boat ever to do Atlantic Crossing :crazy:
  17. K

    COMMAND error after ferry crossing

    E320 CDI 2002. Each time I take my car to France on the feryy the COMMAND system fails to work straight away. I load in a new CD in and although I can see all the French info the COMMAND system it still thinks it is in the Kent or the middle of the Channel. If I stop the car for about 30 minutes...
  18. glojo

    Crossing river fords

    I have just watched old footage of cars being washed away in the Cornish village of Boscastle. What caught my eye was the level the cars were floating. The water was just about level with the lower door seals! What that tells me is that if any of us get too adventurous when crossing a ford...
  19. O

    Pedestrian Crossing at roundabouts

    Anyone else on here amazed at the stupidity of placing pedestrian crossings right on busy roundabouts as they are now doing around where I live? I am usually concentrating on traffic entering the roundabout to my right, looking for a space to pull out into, but I have on a couple of occasions...
  20. pammy

    Best way to buy channel crossing

    Hi It's my fave time of year when I try to sort out the family hol. Looking to go to France agai, will take the big beast and am trying to find the best rates for channel crossings. Currenlty varying from £900:eek: Hull Zeebrugge to just over £300 for the tunnel. Will look at and option -...
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