1. effbee584

    CLS Crossmember Bolt & Bush missing?

    Had my newly acquired CLS on a ramp in a tyre place today and the fitter pointed out what he thought was a 'missing' bush and bolt. The picture is taken looking forwards with the diff just forward of the crossmember. The screw thread showing is clean and shiny. There was some rear end work done...
  2. M

    W210 Crossmember replacement

    My 2001 w210 is in for dealer service and they have told me the crossmember needs replacing The car has full mb history i've owned it since it was 3 months old so mobilo-life is still valid I've heard MB will sometimes offer goodwill or foc replacement but has anyone had to pay for it and if...
  3. B

    W210 Crossmember rusty and flaky!

    Hi all! Another one for you warranty specialists. The crossmember at the front of the car is terribly rusty and flaky. Is this covered under the Merc warranty? The car is a 99 pre-facelift W210 E-Class with full Mercedes Service History. Anybody have any ideas of have had a successful...
  4. M

    Mercedes strut cross-member. A possible group buy Looks like its time to squeeze a little more out of your cornering .... a strut brace will do nicely thank you. What about a group buy ?
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