1. W

    Wanted - car audio amps, crossovers etc

    Hi, I am looking for some amps, crossovers etc for a build I want to do in my Range Rover. Let me know what you have. Quality brands only and in full working order please. Thanks!
  2. gIzzE

    Kenwood hi end head unit, ipod, usb, bluetooth, time alignement, crossovers, EQ etc.

    I have got one of these spare..... Halfords | Kenwood KDC-BT92SD CD/USB/SD/iPod-Receiver with Bluetooth This is an Audiophile quality head unit, it has time alignment, excellent crossovers, very high end DACs, lovely output stages and sounds sublime. It came with the ML I bought and I very...
  3. ROBB

    Front Speaker Crossovers???

    I have got a blinding deal on a set of front speakers :bannana: :bannana: , and the set comes complete with decent cable/crossovers etc (which is nice). There are no visible crossovers in the door though - with the tweeter cable and main speaker cable appearing from the main door loom:confused...
  4. P

    Anyone know where the crossovers are ?

    Hi, Im about to change my speakers. Most of the component speakers that I have found to date all include crossovers. I believe that my car already has crossovers fitted but I don't know where they are... anyone got a clue where to look? Cheers, Peter
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