1. I

    Crunching into reverse, 5 Sp man w124

    I just want to bump this part of an old post which DRUK kindly helped me with in case the diagnosis will change given the update. There's a horrible crunch getting into reverse, and it's now getting harder. It used to go in after another declutch, occasionally with a little complaint, but now it...
  2. esprit200

    Crunching / Popping from front end CLK270

    Hello! I have an issue with my CLK270 CDI (2002). When turning right hand down at low speeds, a nasty crunching or creaking / and popping sound is audible from the front end. The noise occurs when the car is in motion both forwards and backwards, but only when steering right, and only...
  3. Alps

    Window just made a crunching sound??

    Driving back from T9 and my mate pressed the button to lower the passenger side window, and it made a crunching sound and dropped at an angle, immediately i put the window up as i didnt fancy driving home in the gale force winds if the the window dropped! any idea what this could be? anyone...
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