1. d w124

    Crying for a bit of love

    Another lovely classic wasted Mercedes : merc 250 ce
  2. P

    Crying over spilt milk!

    Three weeks ago I got a phone call from my wife when I was away from home. She explained that my son, sat in the back of the GL had spilt 4 pints of semi skimmed milk over the rear passanger seat behind the driver - dont ask me how! Anyway, she tried to mop up as much as possible but over the...
  3. Ade B

    Controlled Crying

    First night of 'controlled crying' with 4 month old... Its a miserable feeling, poor little tyke has had us at his beck and call for his entire life so far... :confused::( Ade
  4. mercmanuk

    w203 mirror i'm crying

    this morning while reversing out of my drive i caught the mirror on the gate. the idicator has stopped working as the connector has come loose,i can see the 2 ends but cant get to them. ive removed the glass and electric motor unit but cant remove the plastic surround that covers the main cast...
  5. syfaphonetic

    Feel Like Crying

    I was about to order some leather treatment - however I have just discovered a rip in my leather where I picked up a friend from the pub last night.. to make matters worse I discovered it after I had taken the roof off and discovered a rip in the 'plexi-glass' on my back soft top which has been...
  6. J

    Crying over spilled milk !

    Two days ago, back from a Tesco trip, i noticed that the milk container was leaking as i was unloading the shopping, and about one cupful of milk was already spilled on the "carpet" on the boot. So I used some kitchen towls to dry it up. Next evening, i noticed a rotten milk smell developing in...
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