1. Z

    2004 SL centre cubby box locked shut

    As above, used my SL55 in Friday and the centre cubby box between the front seats no longer unlocks and opens. Has anyone had similar? Is there a fix and a guide for repairing? I don't want to break anything but want to be able to use it properly again. Many thanks
  2. MissyD

    Wanted - 124 grey centre cubby with zebrano wood

    Hi guys Anyone have one or know someone who might have one please, thanks :)
  3. sailorboy

    Wanted- 124 centre cubby box in mushroom/walnut

    + driver seat fire extinguisher?
  4. haggis2768

    W124 centre cubby

    The rolltop on my centre cubby is broken, before I get the hammer and big screwdriver out, I'm hoping someone on here can guide me as to safe removal of the cubby and also has anyone replaced the rolltop part? Many thanks in anticipation.
  5. R

    Mercedes SL350 R230 cubby boxes, glove compartment and cetre console

    Good afternoon. I have just gone back to my SL to MOT it for the summer. It has been sat for 4 months (front battery on trickle charge only). Everything is great except the two cubby boxes, glove compartment and centre console are all locked and won't open even when i use the key fob to open...
  6. whitenemesis

    Improving Armrest Cubby Lighting

    The "glow-worm" that attempts to illuminate the storage compartment under the centre armrest in my CLS is seriously inadequate. Trying to see anything in there at night is nigh on impossible! I pulled the fitting out only to find it's some sort of LED or light guide. There is no bulb. Has...
  7. I

    Mercedes W124 Cubby Console

    Dear All, I was wondering if anyone can help me. The gray leather on the centre console of my fathers Indian built W124 started peeling away at the bottom edges a few years after he first got it in 1998. Its about the main thing letting the interior of the car down and I would love to see...
  8. S

    Free to a good home - W124 luggage cover and centre cubby

    As the title says. I am clearing out the garage and rather than dump the luggage cover and centre cubby I thought I'd offer them up here. Both are black and in serviceable condition. Would need collecting from KT11.
  9. BillyW124

    Rear roller cubby hole C124

    center console for the rear?? i think saloon ones will fit aswel?
  10. D

    Cubby hole not staying shut

  11. D

    Centre cubby hole not staying shut

  12. D

    Centre cubby hole not staying shut

    The funny little plastic "w" shaped clip that keeps my cubby hole lid from popping up has broken on one side of the "w" if this makes sense. Going over bumps now results in the lid opening unexpectedly :( The stealership parts bloke says new lid £105 :crazy: but... 1 Can the little plastic...
  13. A

    Secret cubby behind seat controls on a 211 ?

    Hello Hope I have the number right on a W211 E class (2003 on) they have on the centre console a row of buttons with the (I think) from memory Hazzard lights, heated seats etc. On my dads car this raises up to reveal a secret cubby (or I guess where the 6 cd would have been) his car does...
  14. SilverSaloon

    Front centre console (cubby box) w124 removal

    hi Can the sliding wood part of the centre cubby box (between front seats) be removed without damage to either wood or the vynal box? if so anyone know how? thanks derek
  15. S

    1994 W202 Ashtray, cubby hole and tray.

    Hi I am after the ashtray etc. for a c280. It's slightly different from what seems to be the norm as it has a deep bottom tray and a cigarette lighter that pops up out of the ashtray. I suppose any w202 would fit. Someone has ripped out the ashtray braking the mounting assembly for it...
  16. kjgood

    Cubby hole

    If i remove the little tray under where the headunit is fitted in my W202 facelift C240, will a standard din head unit fit in? Thinking of putting a DVD TV screen in there.
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