1. S

    Software update Cumbria

    Anyone in or near Cumbria, M6 junction 40 ish able to update my 2011 S212 E350CDI AG to all the latest SW please. Particularly interested in gearbox update as per my recent posts with slight clunk issue on stopping. Will pay going rates.
  2. F

    Newbie from Cumbria

    Hi all I'm lee from carlisle Looking to buy my first vito compact van Seen 2 this weekend 59 plate 109 compact 37'000miles £8,800 Or 59 plate 111 compact 115,000miles £7,200 If i can stretch my budget I'm going to buy the 37,000miles one Anyway site looks well laid out and...
  3. mdmlad

    Hello from Cumbria! (Sprinter 311cdi LWB Camper conversion)

    Hi I'm new to the forum and looking forward to chatting other members, Second Sprinter van first was brand new company vehicle in 2003 was also a 311cdi but standard size wheel base, might sound a bit sad but I always looked forward to driving it when I got up for work. Recently bought...
  4. ringway

    Earthquake in Cumbria. Are you okay Camerafodder?

    A small earthquake has shaken Cumbria. LINK.
  5. sean3513

    Cumbria GTG. Sunday 1ST August 2010

    hello all sorry if this is the wrong section but are there any MB clubs or meets in cumbria or anywhere nearby ???? or tours ?? thanks in advance sean
  6. Lugy

    Visit to M-Sport in Cumbria 26th Feb

    I've organised a day trip to visit M-Sport in Cockermouth, Cumbria, it's scheduled for next Friday (26th). We still need another couple of peoples to make it worth it, so I figured there may be some members on here that could be interested. For those that don't know M-Sport is the company who...
  7. G

    independent in cumbria

    any specalist in south cumbria ,fault with engine managment light, runs ok but using to much petrol 2002 slk. thanks
  8. JumboBeef

    Anyone travelling from M42 to M6 in Cumbria?

    Long shot but here goes! I have left my daughter's sleeping bag and air bed at her grandparents' house, and now we need it here at home :doh: Grandparents' house is near J4 M42 (Solihull) and I live near J41 M6 (near Penrith). Is there anyone traveling between these points in the next week or...
  9. JumboBeef


    Anyone else in Cumbria? Fancy meeting up for a chat and/or a pint?
  10. JumboBeef

    I need an MB garage in Cumbria!

    I need to find someone/somewhere to look after my W124 in Cumbria (ideally near Penrith or Carlisle but anywhere considered!) Thanks.
  11. S

    MB Independent Repairers North'ld - Cumbria

    Hi out there, I'm looking for independent service and repair outlets in the Newcastle / Gateshead or Carlisle areas All help and knowledge is appreciated Thanks in advance :)
  12. A

    Over night g2g cumbria

    I'm moving it here. I would like to know if there is interest in a over night g2g at my place and if so when. October is good for me. I have a wedding party in October so can do a 1 nighter then, but if there is interest we can make this a 2 nighter (Friday & Saturday).
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