1. W

    Where are the cup holders in a W205?!

    Can't believe I'm actually asking this!! :-D I took delivery of a 2014 W205 C Class C250 AMG Line yesterday but it just struck me I haven't seen any cup holders. Am I missing a storage component perhaps? Thanks and hope this isn't the most stupid question ever asked lol
  2. HorseandJockey

    W222 Cup Holder

    Does anyone have a W222 Cup holder available please? Thanks
  3. dad4geer

    Merc Benz Cup?

    I was interested to buy one..not that I don't have a travel mug but I wanted one with a Merc logo on it ;) .. A bit of search and found this one on Amazon but blimey look at that price tag? Anyone aware of any cheaper but good travel...
  4. Timster

    S211 / W211 Front Cup Holder - Great Condition

    Hi. I'm selling my S211 so no longer need the cup holder. It's the one that goes in the insert in front of the armrest. Pops up when opened. OEM part. £40 ONO Cheers. Tim.
  5. E

    W209 CLK Dash Cup Holder

    I've been reading through this forum ever since I decided to get a CLK. Fortunately, I found one that bought last week, a 240 Avantgarde, which I'm absolutely loving...except for one minor issue: the in-dash retractable cup holder won't push back [emoji22]. I've tried carefully pushing and...
  6. Headhurts

    Cup holders

    Who ever invented the cup holders in my E Class? They are pants, nothing seems to fit and the little Spring gripper things don't work. Anything in them rolls around and even jumps out. Even the Mercedes travel mug does not fit. Love the car all the same.
  7. T

    CLS Twin Cup Holder, help.

    I have a W219 CLS with the standard lift up flap cubby hole in the centre console and no cup holder. My question is can the twin cup holder be directly fitted or do I need the complete centre console?
  8. S

    England in a World Cup final

    World T20 final this afternoon. England V West Indies, is anyone else going to be watching? I've got a few mates coming round and have a couple of cases of Peroni chilling down just in case we get thirsty.
  9. mr tibbs

    Wanted.... Cup holder S 211

    As in the title, I am looking for a cupholder to fit our S211 please. Anyone able to help out? Regards Keith
  10. C

    VITO cup holder search

    Hi all, I'm a newbie to the site, but hope you can help me. I've just ordered a new Vito automatic with the captain seats but one of the options I wasn't able to order was the centre console cup holders.. The dealer said this wasn't available to him as a factory extra but I have seen it on...
  11. T

    CLS Cup Holder

    Can anyone tell me if the multi fit cup holder for an E-Class/CLS is handed. As all the pictures I've seen indicate its going to be on me lap, lol.
  12. notsofast

    CLS W219 cup holder chrome rings

    Hello all, The only interior defect in my car is the chrome is coming off one of the pictured rings. I have searched the web and seen them removed and painted or simply cough up £100 or so and replace the entire unit (p/n 219 680 04 14 9051) but I really struggle to justify the cost but very...
  13. Mike Walker

    Rugby World Cup Ticket for sale

    As the title says I have for sale 1 No ticket for the Ireland v France RWC match to be held on Sunday 11th October 2015 at the Millenium Stadium Cardiff - ko 16.45. Seat is in the West Stand and if you have been to Cardiff previously you will know how good the views are. Cost of the ticket...
  14. R

    New Michelin Pilot sport Cup 2 tyres x2

    Hi, I have 2 x of the above, size, 285/35/19. They were both mounted onto wheels, 1 was offered and fitted onto the car, unfortunately it fouled the wheel arch:confused:, only turned 3 revolutions on my drive. Both tyres removed today and refitted new PSS,s, so need to shift these 2 no. Cup 2...
  15. Alex

    W211 Cup Holder A211 680 00 04

    Original MB Cup Holder for W211 Used but in full working order £30 delivered in the UK
  16. I

    2014 R172 SLK Cup Holder

    £20 delivered seems to be about the going rate if anyones interested.
  17. A

    W211 W219 CLS/E class Cup holder

    I have a cup holder which i took out of my CLS as i prefer the space for change etc. It works as it should and still has Merc part number stamped. I beleive these sell on ebay from 30 - 50. I am after £25 delivered. PM if need any more info.
  18. chrisjfinlay

    W221 cup holder cover trim

    I had my car valeted yesterday at work and when I left the office I noticed that the trim on the cover for the cup holders was loose. I jiggled it a little but it wouldn't go on properly and because of the way it was sitting, the cover wouldn't lock down properly. It looks like there should be a...
  19. abecketts

    Another England Rugby Star less for the World Cup

    England rugby star Danny Cipriani in drink-drive arrest - BBC News Likely to be dropped from the squad as a result of this incident, he driving a C63
  20. S

    WANTED: W221 front cup holder

    As above, looking for genuine MB front cup holder.
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