1. High-Lo

    W202 Cup Holder How much? :eek:
  2. Parrot of Doom

    W210 original cup holder If you're interested? Just bought one for myself. Fits in the little oddments compartment between the gearlever and armrest.
  3. High-Lo

    eBay Cup holder for a C Class?

    eBay Link These don't come up too often. Cheap at the moment too :)
  4. K

    Cup Holder

    Thinking of buying an E200 estate, does anyone know if it has a cup holder like the CLK on the front dash - forgot to ask the dealer the other day and can't see one in the promo pics or in the options spec cheers Kevin
  5. M

    H & R cup kits

    hi, i have a c250d classic, could anyone tell me how much this kit would lower my car and what it consists off? is it variable or is it just a set drop of so many mm? ta
  6. W

    Duff cup holder

    I've just purchased one of those squiffy cup holders for my W202. The one that folds out of the centre console. As a piece of clever design it's brilliant. As a cup holder it's crap. My car cup wobbles about so much I daren't move the car with it in place in case it pours the contents of the...
  7. Tan

    Cup holder for 129 series SL

    Hi I found this part number on the net for the cup holder. "129 680 01 58 is the part number to the cupholder insert." Could anyone confirm if this part number is applicable for UK cars. Regards Tan
  8. B

    Cup Holder W202

    Do you know whether there is cup holder for 2000 W202 ? Any part number and how I can get hold of it. Looking at some of the members car, it make me want one as well. Thank you.
  9. D

    Retractable Cup holder

    Hi can anyone help, i bought a rectratable cup holder the other day for my 230k class 1999 car... Now on the arm rest i have took out the plastic holder that was in there ( full of money ).... However the cupholder wont fit... just seems a liitle bit to big.. Am i doing anything wrong ...
  10. F

    Cup holders in W140!

    Hi all! I've acquired a 97 S320 - registered 97, but probably a 96 model; don't know how to tell! The biggest problem I've got now is it has no cupholder for the driver!! I'm used to using the coin box in my 98 C180 as a cupholder, but there doesnt seem to be any equivalent here. I...
  11. Gizmo750

    OT: Are you watching the Rugby World Cup?

    OT: Funny, well I think so!) Are you watching the Rugby World Cup? Are you watching the Rugby World Cup Then you will be interested in this latest announcement......... Following complaints made to the IRB about the All Blacks being allowed to motivate themselves by performing the 'Haka'...
  12. Koolvin

    Aftermarket cup holder (W202)

    Ausgeklappter Zustand Eingeklappter Zustand Unauffällig....[/
  13. R

    Cup Holders for the front Seats

    Does anyone know if you can get cup holders for the front MB OEM as I have them in the back seat centre console? Thanks Ian
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