1. T

    W202 cupholder

    Anyone got an OEM w202 cupholder - my car doesn't have one.
  2. J

    Trim round cupholder w205

    Hi, I have just purchased a C220 W205 (15 REG) and have noticed that there were 2 small chips in the silver trim round the cup holder enclosure, the dealer has said it cant be replaced as it will mean a complete new centre console but I am not convinced as the trim flexes slightly, so I am...
  3. R

    W166 ML Heated / Cooled cupholder

    Hi We retrofitted the heated / cooled cup-holder to my ML today. Its *lovely*. It lights up blue when cooling, red when heating, orange when doing neither when the interior lights are on. It has little red LED that lights when its hot and stays on (even with ignition off) until it cools...
  4. W4E300

    Wanted - W211 cupholder

    HI there. I'm looking for a retractable cupholder mechanism for a W211 centre console....if anyone has one laying around spare....? PM me please? Thanks. Sent from my iPad using MBClub UK
  5. Howard

    W208 clk cupholder

    Hi all As I delve deeper into the disaster that is my garage , I discover new booty ! A cup holder for a w208 clk , it's dusty and a little stiff but it all moves ok. Give it a good clean and a lube and you're away. In and out shots £15 delivered
  6. Silver CL55

    W211 and W219 front cupholder

    For E class and CLS As new, fits in the cubbyhole in front of the arm storage box. Genuine Mercedes part. 6 6 92 0118 £30, shipping at cost
  7. kwardy

    W246 B Class Cupholder Part NO 2012 model

    Hi All, Looking for the part no for the cupholder (think its A2466800891 ) can anyone confirm
  8. Timster

    Wanted: 211 Front Cupholder

    I Know it's a rubbish design - but I need one to finish the car Anyone got one no longer needed? Cheers. Tim
  9. M

    Rear cupholder won't retract in E220

    Hi all. Am embarrassed to ask this but I cannot for the life of me manage to retract the rear double cupholder in my nearly new E 220. I think the sliding mechanism could be stuck. It means i am unable to fold up the armrest as the cupholder is sticking out ! very annoying ! I have looked at the...
  10. olszowa12

    FS: Carbon Fibre Cupholder Trim for RHD W204 C-class and W212 E-class all models

    Guys, I have one more part for sale - RHD CF Cupholder trim. Brand new - never installed. OEM part overlaid with real carbon fibre (2x2 twill weave). Looks amazing and transforms the center console. Price: 155 GBP + 4% Paypal fees Shipping: 15 GBP via UPS I have only 1 of these. Contact via...
  11. F

    CLK Cupholder?

    I think I've got this right. Just on the passenger side of the dash, is the pop out cupholder? If this is correct, can someone please explain what Mercedes were thinking? What shape are the cups/cans in Germany? I'm used to American motors that have proper holders that are ROUND, to hold...
  12. Merc Owner 2B

    ML Heated /Cooled Cupholder Issue

    I have the heated / cooled front cupholder option in my 2012 ML. After using it mainly in cold mode for a week, whilst on holiday in France, the plastic ssurround at the top has developed a crack. I've contacted MB warranty but their response is that it can't happen and must have been...
  13. brightspark0612

    Clk 2006 cupholder

    In the dash of my clk I have a compartment which can be pushed so it comes out, I have no idea what this can be used for as it is so small. I have seen others with cup holders does anyone know where I an buy from and if they are easy to fit? Cheers Ch
  14. P

    buletooth/command satnav update/cupholders!

    I have just bought a CLS....and I love it:bannana:! Anyway, time to spend money on....cupholders, new bluetooth interface and satnav updates. I need some advice folks before I start wasting money: 1.The cupholder will come off ebay...£ this a good price for the folding one that sits in...
  15. R

    W204 C Class cupholder

    Shortly getting a W204 as a company car :thumb:. To avoid having to contribute too much personally I didn't spec the storage pack, as I was only really interested in the cupholder, I'm not sure about the under seat storage - not sure what would fit in it or I'd ever use it or the spectacle...
  16. C

    MB 210 cupholder

    I have a MB W210 cupholder for sale if anyone is interested very good con. £25 + postage or you can collect from Essex
  17. H

    W202 Centre Console Cupholder Slider

    If anyone with a w202 has got a cupholder slider thing that doesnt slide anymore then pushed down its because the little pegs that keep the coil tensioned have snapped off.. Mine didnt work and bought another used one to find that it had the same problem!! In the end I got them both...
  18. H

    E320 cupholder lid part opens

    Had my E320 CDI 2004 for 2 years having owned mostly BMW's so have crossed from the dark side! One small but irritating problem is that the lid to the central arm rest cup holder only part opens, so would like to fix this as this seems to be the access to over ride a parking brake problem. There...
  19. L

    w202 cupholder

    want to buy a cupholder for my c class w202 for a reasonable price :)
  20. Silver CL55

    W215 and W220 front cupholder

    CL and S class cupholder genuine MB part. Surplus to requirement, as new, it is £85 plus delivery from MB. A2156800014 and A2206800014 £40 delivered, fits just behind the gear selector in the cubby. First come, first served. [email protected]. Colin.
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