1. T

    W202 - let's talk cupholders

    Morning all, I'm slowly becoming American and need somewhere to put my frappe-latte-flat-chino. My w202 is a poverty spec Classic, and has not got the, quite rare, OEM cupholder. I've put a wanted as up for one of those separately. So I'm wondering, what do other w202 drivers do? I've...
  2. A

    CLK and Cupholders

    Hi All, Probably been done to death before, but my CLK (c209) doesn't have any cup the dash I have a sunglasses compartment..not sure if the cup holder was an option? I have a google, and it appears its a difficult & expensive task to retrofit. Has anyone had any joy with a vent...
  3. C

    CLK cupholders & ipod connections

    New CLK owner [ 2004 avant-garde 270 cdi ]. Noticed photo of member's car has cupholder in ash tray, obviously retro-fitted? any idea where i can get one please? Also, don't have comand [ seems best option! ] but would like to connect iPod but heard some bad things about messing with MB...
  4. timwood2000

    R Class - cupholders

    For the 2nd row passengers there are no cupholders. However in my owners book it shows that at the bottom of the centre console for the driver to the rear (ie the bit for the 2nd row passengers) there is a cupholder which may be an option, not quite sure. It looks like I should have it if I...
  5. SimonsMerc

    W210 Cupholders

    Heyas, Wife went to the local stealer and ordered a cupholder today! Totally unexpected thing for her to do, but she got sick of me spilling coffee :-) There are two types of cupholder part number B66920101 (W210 Cupholder, High Console) - £19.99 + vat part number B66920103 (W210...
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