1. J

    Can you cancel automatic mirror curb view in reverse

    I have to back along way up a dead end serveral times a day to my house. I am finding the automatic curb control of the near side mirror every time you go in reverse very tedious, as you then have to adjust the mirror manually. Is there some way of stopping the programme?
  2. npuk

    Motorists face curb on all cars without insurance

    Motorists have a year to get cover or face fines, even if their vehicles are not used. Are the new rules going too far, too fast? Millions of uninsured motorists have until the end of the year to buy appropriate cover or face an unprecedented crackdown from police and the courts – including...
  3. mercmanuk

    Would you curb an alloy for an ambulance

    An interesting thought,how many members would curb an alloy wheel to let an ambulance through or would you carry on untill it was safe to pull over at the side of the pavement,if it ment holding the ambulance up for a minute. and be very honest. how do we set up a pole!
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