1. V

    Curbed alloy wheel

    Managed to curb the front 507 wheel on my C63. Few inches on the lip and a tiny scrape on the spoke... Previous owner said he used simoniz tough paint in satin black to paint over a previous curb and it looks decent. What's the best process to do this to achieve the best finish? Or...
  2. A

    Kurbed my wheel

    Hi all I have damaged my diamond cut wheel. Am I best having it redone in a lathe or is it best to have the rim vinyl wrapped, the wrap would be an easier and cheaper fix, not if I'll curb them again but when I'll curb them again :crazy: Cheers :thumb:
  3. swaziboy

    Help! Curbed W205 Front Bumper (Chrome lip)

    Gone and curbed the chrome strip at the bottom of the front bumper :doh: There are 3 parts to it (left, centre and right) - anyone actually know what they are called as I'm struggling to find the replacements online. If anyone has part numbers I would be very grateful :thumb: They look...
  4. ExW205and204

    W204 Sport Curbed Alloy after 40 miles

    Be gentle this is my first post on this forum. I picked up my first Mercedes yesterday, a brand new C180 Auto Sport:D Then I went and curbed one of the front alloys today after only 40 miles. Its not that bad, but I'm a very picky with my cars and want to get it sorted. I have two...
  5. P

    Curbed wheels

    I have gone and done it! I curbed one of my wheels today and while it isnt major, it is irritating the hell out of me. I have read about wheel repair online but I think it will be useful to get the opinions of the more experienced heads on here. Can anyone please recommend a smart repair...
  6. KillerHERTZ

    Curbed my alloy to death

    Gutted! Attempted a U-turn in one tonight only to curb the hell out of my front alloy. :wallbash: The rear 2 have got major lacquer corrsion, how much on average would I be looking at to make them look decent again? (17" AMG style II)
  7. G

    Do 18" curbed alloys have any value?

    Recently bought a w208 CLK with a set of 18" wheels on. Don't mind the look of them but they are curbed and heavy with the (I'm told) wrong offset. I want to go back to MB 16 or 17's when I find some. The wheels are 18's with 4 legal but odd tyres and have Garsson GR 1/12 stamped on the face...
  8. F

    Bentley's wheel curbed..

    Well…. what can I say… The Bentley that I have been given to look after /borrow whilst its owner is away I had taken up to West Yorks over w/end to a wedding. Because I had a bit to drink on Saturday evening I let the g/f drive the Bentley back yesterday noon as a precaution in case the...
  9. Koolvin

    Help! curbed my alloys

    This morning I kind of was on another planet and scraped my Alloy at 30 MPH - it's baaaaad <img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':('> anyone know where I can get it fixed? also as I have a polished lip, I don't want them to paint...
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