1. Alfie

    NTG 2.5 disk set V14 (Current) for sale

    I have a set of the genuine Mercedes NTG 2.5 (V14) map update disks for sale. This is the current version. £50 posted.
  2. S

    Any current W211 E500 owners ?

    I am considering a basic W211 E500 to run as a daily driver. Does any member have this particular model ? :dk: I am not interested in E55/AMG or later models for my purpose. :thumb:
  3. Sp!ke

    Selling the SL500 R129 - don't know current value.

    I'm shortly going to put my SL up for sale as I no longer have a garage to keep it in. I've been looking in the normal places trying to gauge the current market but the prices are all over the place and i'm struggling to know what I should be putting it up for. Whats making it tricky is a...
  4. M.A.94

    Car stereo 12v ignition current draw

    How safe is it to share the cig lighters power with my car stereo 12v ignition power without an additional fuse. Am I correct in thinking that the 12v ignition (red wire) is effectively like a remote turn on lead on an amp and therefore the current draw is very little. And the constant...
  5. R

    Mercedes current and previous. Which do you prefer?

    I have to say I'm pretty disappointed by the current Mercedes range in terms of styling. The only current model I like is the C Class Saloon AMG Sport model, A Class and CLS AMG Sport. The new E Class Sport is growing on me but I still think the previous face lifted E Class is smarter. The new...
  6. gr1nch

    Hands up current or ex-Saab owners on here?

    Seeing so many posts about Mercedes cars costing a lot to repair, it's reminding how little I've had to repair them two Saabs I've had consecutively over the past 15 years. Both bought when they were 5 years old, my first (best car I ever had at that point) was that Saab sky blue and tan...
  7. John

    Current Volvo XC90.

    No I haven't given up on cars yet... :D ...but I have to say I was mighty impressed with the looks of one I was behind this morning. I've only really liked a couple of Volvos in the past (850 T5/T5-R and S60). They've really come a long way with this design. Adding it to the future...
  8. B

    E class coupe bootliner current model

    As the title says. I have recently bought my new e350 and this came with a bootliner. For Christmas I was bought a boot liner so I have a spare one sat around. If anyone is interested let me know. They are large so posting could be an issue Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. W124newbie

    Current DVLA times for new V5C?

    I bought a car about 6 weeks ago from a private trader and still haven't received the new log book. He says he posted it straight away and I have no reason to doubt that. On the DVLA website it says it should arrive in 4 weeks but to wait for at least 6 before contacting them. Should I...
  10. Rosso1

    Current mobile with fault codes Errors

    When i purchased my car the phone in the center console does not seem to switch on and charge, the car is STILL giving the message "Tel Error - Tel not plugged in", . So just ran a diagnostic via STAR on it and these are the 2 codes its come up with. N1201 - The microphone line from...
  11. tmwsccsh

    Current Drain Car Alarm

    Hi all, Slightly off MB topic, but I have decided I think I need to fit an alarm of some kind one of my other cars. Not interested in anything too flashy. I seem to recall years ago having an alarm on another car that simply connected to the battery and if it detected a current drain...
  12. P

    My current w168 project

    Hi folks, nice to see a forum with a dedicated detailing section.... I have recently taken on the transformation of a w168 a class A140. My last car got vandalised (mk1 Citroen xm) so I sold it on to an enthusiast to fix back up, and started to look for a new project and family hack...
  13. M

    W124 320 cabriolet Current Values

    Hi All just thought i would throw this out there and see what the forum thinks I've been a big fan of the W124 for a long time (as many of us are) especially in cabriolet version I've seen a bit of a hike over the years in prices with good ones asking 20k plus however a quick...
  14. J

    How to set up current road speed limit

    I have a 2015 E220 Bluetec and wonder if it is possible to get the Sat Nav to display the current road speed limit. I have not been able to find it in the available menus, but perhaps it is set via a different route. Any thoughts or advise please.
  15. manofgresley

    Charging Current ?

    Hi all. Does anyone know what amperage is the battery charging amperage on a 2001, CLK 320? i have a need to check the charging current, should i have a > 30 amp, or > 60 amp? Regards Ray
  16. 190

    W204 quiescent current

    2009 C180k Blue Efficiency My car regularly goes a week without being used and I like to look after the battery with a weekly top up charge which is taking several hours. I've seen it suggested that the quiescent current draw could be as much as 50mA which would be 8.4 Ah per week. 50mA...
  17. W

    User views on Current E class estate drivers seats

    I went for a test drive yesterday in a E Class estate se. I did like the car and the very competitive monthly payments (£50 a month less than the Jaguar Sportbrake) But, the only niggle I had was the drivers seat, I just didn't seem to get it right, and it felt as though I was sitting...
  18. C240Sport97

    my current favourite MB colour

    saw this coveline blue E class saloon today. sensational colour, lots of presence and interest, but not shouty.
  19. D

    1957 sls off old 300 sl for sale more expensive than current sls models??!!

    1957 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL | eBay
  20. S

    current prices

    what would be a fair price to pay for a c32 AMG these days? prices seem to range dramatically im thinking around £5000 for a 70,000-100,000 miles car
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