1. Meldrew2

    Manchester Curry - Sunday 21 May

    Swadesh, Portland Street, Manchester. The menu looks quite interesting. Anyone fancy coming along? 1. Meldrew2 2. Ms. Meldrew2 ... ... ...
  2. abecketts

    Yadgar Curry?

    I need to visit Scotland again and wondered if a Yadgar Curry gathering was in order say after the 20th of April? Thanks Paul
  3. Meldrew2

    Southport & West Lancs afternoon run & Curry. 25 September.

    Is anyone interested? Thinking of meeting around lunchtime in a location close to the M6 or M58. Either meeting about 12 for Sunday Lunch or around 1pm if joining after the meal. A run around West Lancashire (some nice country roads) with a coffee stop or two, finishing at "Shamraat"...
  4. LTD

    Yadgar curry

    Anybody fancy one sometime soon ?
  5. Meldrew2

    Curry links

    I came across this list on another forum and thought it might be worth sharing. The youtube links appear to be in plain text - so they would need to be copied & pasted into browser - or the bit after v= pasted into the youtube search box. Caveat: I have not checked these links (hope that...
  6. Meldrew2

    Curry in London - help please

    Ms Meldrew & myself will be spending a couple of days in London later this month. We're staying near Tottenham Court Road and looking for recommendations for a good Indian (not necessarily posh - but MUST serve beer) in the area. I just KNOW that this forum has experts on this very...
  7. jonnyboy

    Help!! Multiple choice curry required!!

    So chaps. I have a bit of a problem! Kids bought me a curry making kit a while back. Lots and lots of flavour pack of all different types. Except last time i tried it i had an issue which, i have just realised after looking again - its all lies. Basically the same spices sachet with differences...
  8. S

    Curry Night GTG Aldershot

    Hi there. I am rather new to this Forum and it would appear there are quite a few of these Curry Night's around the country so I wondered if there would be any interest for one somewhere around Aldershot/Farnham area in November/December?
  9. Mike Walker

    Kent /Essex GTG - Curry Night

    Any update or is the plan dead in the water?? :fail
  10. Meldrew2

    Warrington Curry GTG

    Wednesday 21 October. "The Taste" 84-86 Mersey Street, Warrington WA1 2BP Chosen on the basis of location and good TripAdvisor reviews. TripAdvisor also states "Free off-street car parking." The Taste, Warrington - Restaurant Reviews, Phone Number & Photos - TripAdvisor Meet in the...
  11. I

    Another new member - eh what!

    I've recently bought myself a nice oldish car, a 2000 S500, full MB Service history, 52,000 miles on the clock. He has a few slight scars of minor mishaps with his previous (1st) owner that I'll need to address in the coming months, though I first need to tackle o few little problems (And I...
  12. Meldrew2

    Curry in Warrington

    As the title says… GF and myself will be in Warrington on 21 October, so 2 questions. 1. Has anyone got any recommendations? 2. Does anyone fancy joining us? You can call it a mini-GTG because GF now drives an ML...
  13. Giantvanman

    Essex/Kent/London area curry GTG Part2

    The poll on this thread gave results for Orsett (4), Benfleet (3), Cranham (1) and one for another unspecified venue. To start the ball rolling, I suggest we try for the first Curry meet at Orsett (A13 junction...
  14. Giantvanman

    Essex/Kent/London area curry GTG

    Following on from this thread I thought I would start a thread to gauge the interest in potential curry night meet(s) in the south east. Suggestions so far are Welcome to the Maharaja Restaurant :: The cutting edge of...
  15. Meldrew2

    Curry in Cardiff

    GF and I will be in Cardiff on 3 February and looking for recommendations for a good place to eat. Preferably Indian - but open to suggestions. Over to you… … … … … TIA .
  16. D-18

    Curry from the Glasgow Yadgar Restaurant - who needs it?

    For all the Yadgar curry fans, I can thoroughly recommend an alternative. LTD appeared at my house yesterday offering an Indian takeaway delivery service with a bit of a difference. How about a curry made from scratch in your own kitchen by a top chef? LTD had taken the trouble to prepare...
  17. Meldrew2

    Southport curry GTG at the Kasturi

    Kasturi, 40 Eastbank Street, Southport. PR8 1ET Thursday 20 November. 7pm Website - Menu - Who's up for it? 1. Meldrew2 .
  18. The _Don

    Britain's top 20 curry houses
  19. I

    Bradford Curry House Experts

    A lifetime ago I had the great fortune of being able to eat in many Bradford curry houses, pretty much daily. Roll forward a few decades and I'm popping up that way again, but alas for one night only. Question is, what are the best houses now. In my day it was The Kash, The Karachi and...
  20. Meldrew2

    Late night curry in Manchester

    Myself and GF are going to see Will Young in "Cabaret" at the Manchester opera House on Tuesday evening. Discount deal through travelzoo - half price £24 each. We would like to go for a decent Indian meal and a few drinks afterwards. It needs to be a licensed place, not a BYO. Over to you...
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