1. J

    Towbar fitting to c250 2014(64) without cutting bumper

    I wonder if anyone can help. We have recently purchased a 2014 (64) new shape c250 AMG line blurtec and after adcice was told we could have a detachable swan neck fitted without any cutting to the bumper. Today we have had the fitter arrive to tell us it does need cutting and there are no...
  2. F

    Engine cutting out while driving!

    Was driving along today when I noticed my blowers and A/C had stopped working then I noticed my Rev and speedometer where showing nothing to my horror the car was just cruising as the engine had cut off! I managed to pull over turned engine off restarted engine fired then went off straight...
  3. C

    Which cutting compound?

    First off excuse me if I have my 'terms' wrong! What I am looking for is an alternative to t-cut, of which I'm not a fan. I have a Polar White S204 and there is some slight grime build up below the side window chrome strips which polishing and then Meguiars Scratch X has failed to remove, so...
  4. S

    DAB still cutting out after dealer update

    Had my DAB updated a few months back, and have only recently started listening to it again. Mainly MI Soul and it keeps cutting out, but instead of the "device unavailable" message, the station just greys out and eventually reconnects. Any fixes for this? tempted to go back to the dealer and...
  5. Psilonaught

    E63 exhaust modifications without any cutting?

    Hi I'm about to take delivery of a 63 plate e63 estate with 29k on the clock on metallic white. It is on finance so i can't go around chopping bits out of the exhaust... Does anyone know if certain parts of the exhaust can be pulled apart, or is the whole length welded together as one...
  6. gramey

    Best cutting compound to use on silver?

    I want to give my 2000 R129 SL a good base to work from, can anyone recommend a good but not too aggressive cutting compound to use on it to get it back to a nice shine before applying a polish?
  7. froggiegit

    W203 Cutting Out

    Hi, Been getting a problem in the last couple of months with my 2001 C200 Kompressor cutting out for no apparent reason. Had the fuel filter changed last October so shouldn't be that. Changed the Cam position sensor for a new Mercedes one (the one on top the engine) which was obviously faulty...
  8. Z

    Wierd cutting out problem with w204 c220

    Hi guys I have a 2013 w204 c220cdi and it cuts out when you either switch the headlights or sidelights on. If they are off the car will run spot on all day. This is a wierd fault. Our snap on machine says that their is as implausible signal on circuit 15 and also giving a voltage error with...
  9. C

    W211 Comand cutting out

    About a year ago I had a fault with my comand system not powering up just totally dead removing the head unit 'cured the fault' I assume there was a loose plug somewhere but nothing found. Now facing another but similar issue after about 10 mins the unit appears to 1st freeze, audio cuts out...
  10. D

    w124 300e 1991 cutting out abs light on

    hi guys i bought a lovely 300e w124 few months ago, all of sudden the abs light comes and goes, and yesterday she cut out when coming to a stop at the lights, the following day tried to start it did turn over but within a second she would cut out, left it for a few days and shes back to...
  11. A

    overheating possible fan not cutting in ?

    Hello members I have a 55 plate clk 270 cdi, last night on my way home from work I got stuck in a traffic jam & it was a crawl home for about a mile during which the temp gauge climbed up till it went right to the top, this has happened a couple of times before but when I am driving round the...
  12. K

    W203 c270 cdi cutting out epc light abd p1187 code

    Brought a 2002 w203 c270 cdi with a slightly leaking pump and cutting out issue on hard accell (epc watning light and having to come to a stop to restart the car) scanned it and all sorts came up cleared them all and drove it and only code showing is p1187 - 032 rail pressure monitoring...
  13. I

    2004 (54) W211 E500 cutting out problem

    Hi guys, I have a 54 reg W211 E500 estate which developed a strange issue a while back. On the whole the car drives fine but if accelerating harder, especially round a corner the car will cut out/lose power momentarily. It will almost always do it when giving it some round a bend and sometimes...
  14. roshe25

    emergency key cutting

    Hi I have a w203 2005 and I want to know if I can get the blank emergency key I have cut as I want to either hide it on the car or keep in my wallet,As I almost locked my keys in the boot while I was out. I live in the North West Widnes,Warrington area. I have tried to contact a few I found...
  15. poormansporsche

    Cutting new holes in radio surround - any tips ?

    Afternoon all, Im retrofitting heated seats and need to cut some holes for the switches - any tips as what to use / how best to do it as im dangerous with a dremmel ! cheers Brett P.s - I cant just buy another surround with the holes cut as ive already converted to double din and...
  16. brucemillar

    Cost Cutting in Toothpaste. A step to far.

    This is driving me potty. Sad but infuriating. I have noticed that with my favorite brand of toothpaste (Arm & Hammer) I am also buying a large quantity of air that I neither requested, wanted paid for. You pick up the new tube. It appears pleasingly full and firm all the way up the tube...
  17. W

    C220 CDI No start + cutting out

    My C-class C220 CDI intermittently refuses to start from the key, all the lights are on but nothing when key is turned. After several attempts usually and pressing brake, removing key etc the car will suddenly start and run perfectly. However recently I have experienced terrifying all systems...
  18. D

    e280 carat 1 day auction looks good spares repair cutting out after start

    1993 mercedes E280 CARAT auto 2.8 1day auction | eBay
  19. markjay

    Cutting Corners

  20. M

    injector seat cutting tool

    Hi all, bought a new seat cutting tool for my I6 320cdi as 2 of my injectors are leaking again, and I am just looking to confirm which reamer to use, the box states it is 17 x 17mm angled reamer for the CDI is this correct?
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