1. 219

    Cyclist knocked down and killed pedestrian Although the case is ongoing , it is interesting to read some of the comments further down ...
  2. Z

    Passing a cyclist

    Well I suspect we have all faced this problem on the road,while not wanting to endanger the cyclist most drivers will pass them with what amount of road they can afford to give them given oncoming traffic. We have now entered a new era of passing a cyclist where there is assumed safe distance...
  3. ash59fifty-uk

    For those 'I hate cyclist' moments

  4. grumpyoldgit

    Yet another irate cyclist.

    King of the road :doh: Cyclist confronts female driver who 'cut him up'... but internet takes her side | Daily Mail Online
  5. R

    Cyclist v driver...who's right?
  6. M

    Cyclist Mirror Smash On News

    Hello all, Did you see the news about that road rage incident with the cyclist who smashed his bike lock through a car where a baby was in the back. I think they are looking for the cyclist but its going to be tough to catch him with no CCTV etc. This is why cyclists need to have the same...
  7. Deane x

    Who is really in the wrong cyclist of Andra cyclist or van driver
  8. sssammm

    Bloody Cyclist

    As I said above watch till the end
  9. bob6600

    Cyclist vs Car NSFW (Swearing)

    Saw this earlier on FB, I'll let you make your own conclusions. Ending is good though :D
  10. fab1975

    Land Rover vs Cyclist - Classy road rage in Richmond DISCLAIMER: This is the uncut version, which means that if you are easily offended by rude language you should not click on the link :-P
  11. dan-mb

    Cyclist with a low doesn't end well. :fail
  12. C

    Cyclist touching my car... what's your opinion?

    OK folks, what's your opinions on this? Last night I was stopped at a red light when a cyclist pulled up alongside and proceeded to steady himself on his bike by putting his hand on the roof of my car. I wasn't overly happy with this as a) I don't want grubby paw prints all over my car and...
  13. cinek

    Cyclist fatalities

    Some of you have probably heard that there were several incidents in the recent weeks which resulted in 4 cyclists fatalities (London). As much I dont want to see anybody getting hurt, it starts to getting my blood pressure up hearing endless comments about the need of educating drivers...
  14. PXW

    To the cyclist in Brockworth...

    I wish you a long happy and healthy life. I genuinely do. But next time you see a bus indicating right and actually pulling out of a bus stop with a car on its rear offside quarter - really quite close to the bus, having paused to let it out but now moving forward again as the bus goes - please...
  15. Palfrem

    Pity the poor cyclist

    London Calling - Bike Messengers Race - YouTube The chap at 3.18 is amazing!
  16. Spinal

    Cyclist Advice

    I'm going to see what all the fuss is about and become a cyclist for a weekend... I haven't ridden a bike since a ill-fated, 10 day cycling trip in Romania (where after 3 days I called a car rental place, which was kind enough to send a car from Sibiu up the transfagarasan highway (which we...
  17. J

    Mercedes 815 vs cyclist, I was so lucky?

    I was cycling along on a nice sunny morning last week in the outskirts of Newcastle. A 7.5 tonne Mercedes 815 refrigerated truck decided to drive out from a side road and catapulted me into the opposite carriageway. Thankfully there was no traffic coming in the opposite direction. I was very...
  18. Druk

    Another trick cyclist thread.

    YouTube - Danny MacAskill - "Way Back Home" - NEW street trials riding short film
  19. ckember

    Hit by cyclist with electric bike

    Yesterday on the way home, I was hit on the rear quater panel by an elderly gentlemen riding a powabike electic bike. this has left a nice big dent above the wheel arch and right on the swage line. The bike was completely undamaged. The guy was taken to hospital with hip pain and I called the...
  20. Honey Bear

    One cyclist i wouldn't mess with.

    One cyclist I wouldn't mess with. it's certainly odd.
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