1. M

    230E on 3 cylinders

    After checking oil, fuel (decent stuff) etc, set off in my 1987 230E which had occasionally been misfiring under load, but now seemed good. after a good run of 200 miles with no problems, the missing under load returned occasionally, but otherwise 90+ cruising in a fully loaded car was fine with...
  2. DSM10000

    Multiple random misfires but only on cylinders 1 and 6

    About a month ago the C320 started throwing up occasional fault codes for multiple random misfires on cylinders 1 and 6 (only these two) always a few minutes after a cold start Apart from the EML there was no other indication, the engine ran and performed as usual , as a service was due I...
  3. st13phil

    What’s Black and White, has 16 Cylinders and 1,000bhp?

    The cars on my drive... :D (OK, maybe just shy of 1,000bhp for the pedants) Finally persuaded Angie that six cylinders just aren’t enough and today she’s done a deal on an ex-demonstrator 15-plate SLK55 :rock: Obsidian Black with designo Porcelain upholstery, it’s nicely optioned with...
  4. D

    E280 CDI S211 2005 V6 cylinders

    Hi Anyone on here know the numbered layout of the cylinders
  5. richard300

    M104 Bad earth? effecting cylinders 3 and 4...

    Had a missfire develop out of the nowhere on my 1996 S280. It seemed to move around (sometimes cylinders 1 and 6, sometimes 3 and 4 etc).... but now seems to be constant on cylinders 3 and 4. A friend had a look and traced to fault to the connection (poor earth/permanent live) to the plug...
  6. Steve Gaskin

    cylinders 1 & 2 misfire

    Engine management light came on. Had it checked and it came up engine misfire cylinders 1 & 2. Not sure if my warranty covers it. What should my next step be?
  7. WDB124066

    124 Soft Top Cylinders: How To Repair Replace

    Post 11 in this thread especially has some useful information on the repair of leaking hydraulic cylinders, and some background information about the type of hydraulic fluid and it's unique properties...
  8. E

    Firing on 3 cylinders...

    ...instead of 4. How can you find the one that isn't firing?
  9. Palfrem

    E36 now running on 5 cylinders

    Drove home from London this evening - no problems Out for curry about 2 hours later and it sounds like she's on 5 pots. Hunting for revs on tickover. Drives almost OK but no real power and a blown exhaust sort of soundtrack. Any ideas please? Many thanks - into my indie first...
  10. S

    clk firing on three cylinders only

    After only ten minutes of use my clk 200 starts firing on three cylinders only. I noticed someone had this problem before (simon22) and wondered if it was resolved ?.
  11. J

    W124 E200 with no ignition on cylinders 1 and 4

    Need info on PMS ignition control unit MB#0185451032 bosch#0261200608. Car (W124 E200 with M111.940 engine) has dropped ignition on cylinders 1 and 4 and the coil is OK...swapped it over with the coil for 2 and 3 but fault remains with 1 and 4. Any advice, repair options or pictures of...
  12. H

    Your experience with Metelli master cylinders?

    Hi guys, I'm a US Mercedes-Benz owner with a W123 1982 300D Turbodiesel. My current master cylinder (004-430-23-01) is failing and I have an opportunity to purchase a brand new Metelli master cylinder. Until recently, I'd never heard of Metelli. I did a search and found out that they are an...
  13. reflexboy

    I now have 8 cylinders!!

    My search for an SL (R230) has been both disappointing and on the same token, fun. The SL350 just didn't do it for me, some dealers I wouldn't buy a loaf of bread from and others just didn't live up to expectations. However, I am now a proud owner (with a big cheesy grin on my face) of a 2002...
  14. RaceDiagnostics

    firing on only 7 out of 8 cylinders SL450 R107

    Went through leads 1 to 7 and there was a very percievable drop in rpm when pulled off. On cylinnder 8, only a virtually impercievable change. Checked leads, ok, and pulled out the plug, it looks ok, see below. Next I went in search of a colourtune plug I bought 25 yeas ago but couldn't find...
  15. Crazyjester900

    W202 2ltrs 4 cylinders

    I love my car i really do. But lets be honest it is very slow, i have been dreaming of upgrading to a C36 or 43 but can not afford to do so just yet..... Are there any engine mods that i can do to my car to make it any faster... Cheers be interested to hear what comes up.. Brad
  16. V

    320 V6 engine...down on 2 cylinders

    Here's an odd one for you. Friend of mine has a ML320 with the V6 engine and its down on two say faulty coil packs. His local Bosch garage have replaced the offending coil packs and have replaced all 12 spark plugs, cleared the codes and the car fires up and all seems well...
  17. gt-83

    300e intermittent problem,,,water into cylinders??

    this problem is so predictable but im not sure whats happening, my old 300e runs fine if its used every day, doesnt miss a beat,its done 218000 miles, , leave for a week, and it starts fine, runs fine for 6 miles every time then really starts to run like a pig, lumping under load very violently...
  18. A

    V220 Cylinders

    Hi, Pls can some one tell me how you change the battery on a V-class? Does the passenger seat need to come out? thanks Amo V220 yr2000
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