1. Howard

    Anyone got a CD of drivers for a Dell Latitude D600 ?

    Hi all , Angelas laptop died the other day , hard drive packed up. Anyway , i have put a new drive in it , and managed to load XP home onto it , but i don't have a CD with the drivers on it , so nothing else works , and i can't connect it to the net ... Even if i did , i looked on Dells...
  2. Mozzer

    Dell Latitude D600 Screen removal

    My screen has about 2 inches of "play" on it, i.e. it wobbles. Anyone tell me what the removal procedure is and if there is a way of tightening this back up ? Cheers S
  3. imadoofus

    Dell Latitude D600

    Anyone know if it's an easy job to replace the keyboard on a Latitude D600? I have a spare machine or two, so it's not the parts I need, just the method. TIA PJ
  4. Tan

    Samsung D600

    Hi I have just got my new phone, the samsung D600. Really like it except for the same annoyance that I had with the D500 when i had that. The annoyance being that I cant set ring and vibrate for call alerts. I know there was a tone on the D500 that had vibrate built into it but cant find...
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