1. Steveml63

    "Interesting" news for European owners of recent Mercedes diesel cars!

    Hi, Looks like Mercedes are going to "do a VW" - to their European diesel cars - to fix the emissions! Software emissions fix for three million Mercedes diesels - BBC News Let's hope it doesn't damage the performance, MPG or reliability of the cars that get updated! Cheers Steve
  2. V8AMG

    Daimler UK recall - fire risk

    http://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/industry/mercedes-benz-recall-75000-uk-cars-over-fire-risk Unfortunately looks like the UK will have a significant number of recalls.
  3. B

    Daimler recalls 75,000 Mercedes-Benz cars in UK

    Daimler recalls 75,000 Mercedes-Benz cars in UK - BBC News
  4. lisa110rry

    Daimler Chief Removed after Racist Rant in China

    Daimler chief removed after 'racist rant' in China - BBC News Just a sideways move though...
  5. M

    Daimler Launches Emissions Probe in the U.S

    Saw in the FT online that Daimler has launched a probe into emissions in the U.S, at the request of the Department of Justice. This comes after some 'eager beaver' lawyers have entered class action law suits against Daimler - all in the name of justice and the pursuit of corporate clarity I'm...
  6. W

    Daimler to buy €30m stake in MV Agusta?

    Daimler buying into MV Agusta
  7. Stratman

    Daimler 2.5 V8 (Mk2 Jag) Workshop Manual FREE!!

    I recently found the official full workshop manual for the Daimler 2.5 V8 saloon I owned in another existence. I have no need of it but it's too good to throw out. It has full service and maintenance instructions for both manual and automatic (BW35) transmissions. If anybody has a use for it...
  8. Igurisu

    Daimler said to target 1 billion euros in cuts to boost profits.

    http://europe.autonews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20121018/ANE/310189898/daimler-said-to-target-1-billion-euros-in-cuts-to-boost-profit&cciid=email-ane-daily And you thought it was hard to claim against a warranty now?
  9. M

    Daimler bends

    Clearly DS420s and suburban width restrictions don't mix. :( Story (such as it is) here: Bridal car turns heads for all the wrong reasons after driver's foolish attempt to squeeze through width restriction | Mail Online
  10. Igurisu

    Daimler profit falls for first time since 2009

    Not sure how interested people are about the industry side of our beloved marque, but thought I'd post this. http://www.autonews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20111027/ANE/111029909/1496
  11. The _Don

    Daimler cruises forward

    Luxury car firm Daimler put the pedal to the metal in the second quarter of 2011 to deliver earnings that were ahead of market expectations. The German company reported net income of €1.70bn, compared to the €1.31bn generated in the second quarter last year, ahead of the market consensus of...
  12. ironsheik

    Daimler Profits in China...

    Interesting read, so I thought I would share.... Daimler profits roar up on China's passion for Mercedes | Business | The Guardian
  13. KillerHERTZ

    Maybach Facelift + Daimler Denies Brand to be Axed

    2011 Maybach Facelift Revealed Press Release Evolution of an automotive masterpiece - exciting, unique, effortlessly superior Stuttgart - At Auto China 2010 in Beijing, Maybach will be presenting its high-end luxury sedans with added sparkle and with significantly extended high-class...
  14. C

    Strong Mercedes sales cheer Daimler

    Daimler expects its sales to grow at double the rate of the global car market this year, the German car maker said as it unveiled strong sales of the Mercedes-Benz so far this year and re-affirmed its 2010 earnings forecast. Mercedes sales in the first quarter of 2010 rose by 27% from the...
  15. M

    US charges car firm Daimler with violating bribery laws

    BBC News - US charges car firm Daimler with violating bribery laws
  16. W

    Daimler and Renault in talks on taking cross-shareholdings

    Food for thought FT.com / UK - Daimler and Renault in talks on taking cross-shareholdings
  17. KillerHERTZ

    Daimler Confirms Mercedes C-Class U.S. Production in 2014

    Daimler Confirms Mercedes C-Class U.S. Production in 2014 Decision on production of next-generation C-Class will improve competitiveness Production of the C-Class as of 2014 in Bremen and the USA will secure growth opportunities and increase profitability Attractive job possibilities for the...
  18. W

    Daimler may buy shares in Porsche

    ........yet another twist in the Porsche saga: Autocar - Porsche loan 'set to be refused' Autocar - Daimler "joins Porsche bidding"
  19. W

    Daimler to give up Chrysler stake

    BBC link Sadly I can't really imagine Chrysler surviving for much longer, unless the Fiat merger goes ahead.
  20. aziz

    DAIMLER has new plan for cars....

    hi evry one .... the new CLS body kits and E come out ...http://mecdesign.de/mec2007/eng/flashmain_eng.htm
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