1. C

    ABC - Damn and blast! Need NW specialist!

    Hi all, I urgently need a NW England specialist who knows and understands ABC. For a long time now my car has been sinking at the front when left and although it pumps back up again when you start it the length of time it takes before sinking has been gradually decreasing. The car had a...
  2. Bladgb

    Viano = damn useful

    Just arrived on holiday at the coast, Viano proved incredibly useful lugging the following to the holiday home: Family of 5, two adults, two teenagers (both taller than the associated adults), and a ten year old. Five medium sized suitcases, two large holdalls, a 16L coolbox, two office sized...
  3. tonyc280

    Damn adverts

    Don't know whether i'm the only one having problems with adverts popping up all over the place but its only happening on this site. They are "Ad Choices" and beginning to get on my nerves as every new page i open in the forums comes with a barrage of adverts. Am running Windows XP Pro
  4. moff

    Cayenne Turbo S... damn fast!

    Last night driving back from the train station to my home (20 mile cross country on pretty quiet A/B roads) I came behind a Cayenne Turbo S which looked and sounded pretty mean. I was planning to overtake as we exited a roundabout and book his quad exhaust barked at me and it shot off like a...
  5. sssammm


    Why did I have to see this....
  6. crockers

    Damn glasses cost me dear

    Went out for dinner in the Volvo V60 and afterwards as I was cleaning my glasses they broke. So Mrs C drove home. Noticed She was nervous and not placing the car well. Mentioned it and she said she hates driving the car as she prefers her crv and sitting up high. To cut a long story short have...
  7. D


    After 13 months of being ultra careful not to get the new car marked in any way by keeping wheels well clear of kerbs and parking well away from anyone else in car parks, some *&^%head has scraped the rear quarter. It's not massive damage - only a couple of mm of paintwork removed and the rest...
  8. B

    damn unreliable e-classes.... (or not)

    I got a E-class back from the airport this weekend (not my usual company). It was a little older than the Chrysler that the normal company uses (just over 3 years old and 170k), so I asked about reliability and mileage. "Not much more than wear and tear. It did have a gearbox repair a while...
  9. T

    Damn I wish i'd seen this sooner - 190D

    Mercedes Benz 190D spares or repairs | eBay Tried to buy this a couple of years ago and it popped into my head last night so I searched Google and found that it had just sold. I ran this for a few weeks when it was new and I sold MB's. Was a cancelled export order that my dealership group...
  10. Horrgakx

    Help with ICE amplifier installation - where to put the damn things?

    Hi all - I have two Alpine amps to go into the car. Its a 1999 E55 AMG. The smaller amp is 2 channel, the larger is a V12 4-channel. They are both mounted on boards at the moment with the cables disappearing behind the boards so it's nice & neat. I'm wanting ideas from people who've...
  11. D-18

    Damn clever these Germans.....

    Folks, I've noticed several comments on the forum regarding the depth of thought and engineering expertise which goes into a Benz and I think I may have just experienced my first little MB 'Eureka' moment. I was out yesterday in the E220 and in an effort to avoid the congestion at some...
  12. The Boss

    Guess what i've just bought.. damn im so happy!

    clues.... first date - 14th Apr 93 1 previous owner almost as new heck...even smells like new... I remember seeing this very one back in 1993, and thus when it came to light, i had to buy it! Happy daysss! .. so what have i just gone a bought?.....
  13. The Boss

    I am so damn confused!

    Ok today in Stanmore, i saw a W124 E320 coupe on a T Reg?? Is this even possible??? Reg was T544 JVP Can anyone shed any light on this? was it just a car sitting in a yard that got sold much later on? Were they even still produced then? I didnt think so.. :dk:
  14. The Boss

    MY w124 Album is live.. damn.. my car is so pretty!

    Gents/Ladies. just had some news pics taken today of my gorgeous lovely w124 cabrio... more at the album link which is: http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/members/the-boss-albums-my-gorgeous-w124-320ce-sportline-cabrio-convertible.html enjoy....
  15. smillion

    Damn! What's wrong with me? A Renault?

    Is it me or does the new Renault Laguna Coupe look great in the new advert? :o :eek:
  16. A

    Damn climate control...

    Jump into my car... switch on the climate control (which still makes the engine react to it), and it doesn't want to work?!?! :eek: :eek: :eek: It sounds like its clogged... i can hear it opening up (click sounds) and closing, and i can hear the attempt of air to come out, but when i put my...
  17. carnut

    Lies,Damn Lies, & statistics.....Brilliant!

    So nice to see sarcasm and common sense in the same place:devil: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/7733794.stm :bannana:
  18. T

    Damn jet wash

    i had the local lovly polish blokes do my car the other day and then when i got home thought there was orange bird poo on the drivers side front wheel arch so i look a bit closer and see they had managed to remove the panint and the rust under it ! i had both wings filled & smoothed &...
  19. D

    Italian design are damn blood good but mechanically they are hopeless other than Ferr

    ari. :p Pininfarina special edition Rolls Legendary Italian car designer delivers one final masterpiece. http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/news/autoexpressnews/226428/pininfarina_special_edition_rolls.html
  20. D

    W203 Seat Backs (damn i damaged one!) Help

    I made the stupid mistake of putting some wood in my car and damaged the back of the front seats...(will NEVER do it again!!) Its the removable bit that has the map pocket on.. I have removed it and found some part numbers... A2039100539 & A2039100839 anyone tell me if these can be purchased...
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