1. A

    steamy windows but just can't find any damp

    I've just about ran out of ideas so looking for help folks. Whenever the car has been used and got warm inside the windows steam up once parked again. Tonight for example the wife came home from work, parked up for about 2 hours, when we went back out all the windows were steamed up. I've...
  2. G

    Newbe and damp roads

    As a newbe just reading people struggling with lots of power and damp or wet conditions,I've recently just swooped my CLS250 shooting brake and got a C63,loving it at the moment,but like a few have said these cars are tricky in these conditions,you have to alter the way you drive or that's what...
  3. Braincrank

    how to treat damp ?

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone here has any tips about treating a damp patch on a wall. We moved into this place about a month ago and there's a damp patch in the kitchen on a pillar between the window and the outside door. The home owner replastered that bit just before we moved in and on...
  4. S

    92 R129 500sl won't start

    Hi everyone, I have a 92 R129 500sl that I have serviced extensively, rotors and caps, plugs and filters, it has been perfect all summer and autumn, I haven't been using it much over the last couple of months but have been starting it every two weeks or so and it has always started flawlessly ...
  5. G

    anti damp

    The unit under kitchen sink is very damp as the water leaks when doing washing, etc. I am thinking to put some anti damp stuff, like those paper bags with crystals or something inside. Anybody knows what they are and where I can get some? Thanks Neo
  6. W

    Damp in the boot clk w209!

    Another problem. Somehow both side of the boot I keep get damp in the boot, I tried pouring water and can't see any leak etc on the seals And other thing to look out for?
  7. MickyP64

    W169 A Class - Damp Patches A Pillar

    Drove the car today – first time for a week and noticed this…damp on the passenger side A Pillar, top and bottom…Anyone have any idea of the root cause…I suspect something to do with the sun roof…Any advice appreciated…
  8. I

    Dash Dials are spotty - damp? W126 from US

    Hi, I've seen many a merc dashboard - and a lot of them in extremely wet cars. I can't remember seeing these white freckles before. There are three cars for sale from a bloke in Pennsylvania, one of them is a Florida car and that's the one with a normal dash, the other two are local and...
  9. prestige lease

    clk 2002 damp wet passenger footwell won't start

    My car doesn't start either and alarm keeps going off which drains ths battery. Someone told me its your wiring under the passenger side footwell which gets wet and croded. Please let me know how you got on and some advice please.
  10. Ronam2012

    Damp foam around roof & PSE pump

    I decided to check out if I had a damp problem today and indeed I do! The foam the PSE pump sits on was damp as was the foam around the roof pump. These are now drying out in the airing cupboard! I was thinking about wrapping these in a plastic back to stop them acting like a sponge if water...
  11. jamesfuller

    Damp patch!

    just appeared on my facebook , titled simply 'Recce in Potugal'
  12. C

    Have you got damp in your R230 ?

    Most of us probably have at some time even after trying to sort the seals and front drain. There is an offer on GROUPON at present for a small mains powered dehumidifer which could sit in the passenger footwell and looks the right size to go in the boot as well. It should effectively dry out...
  13. Tan

    Damp basement

    Hi I am in the processing of buying a new family home, the property is a victorian house and has a basement. The survey report has come back showing the basement walls and floor to be damp. I have very little experience of basements and this may be a daft question, but is it expected that...
  14. T

    W126 280SE - damp problems

    Just bought a 1986 280SE (reg 1.1.86) with 90ki on the clock. Bodywork excellent, runs well, everything works fine, love the quality. Also got a 1949 Alvis and 1949 Packard to compare.... One thing though - there appears to be a damp problem - car currently parked outside pending other...
  15. D

    A tad damp

    Anyone been suffering with the floods? Seems a tad damp. In case anyone wonders how piling foundations work here is a good example.... BBC News - UK floods: Homes at risk as misery continues
  16. Piff

    Damp proofing floors

    Brother in law & wife have just moved house to a 1960's chalet bungalow. They have found some damp issues & I have investigated. The concrete ground floor does not have a damp proof membrane and it seems that damp proofing was provided by the use of vinyl tiles stuck down with a bitumen based...

    W124 E220 damp passenger carpet.

    Really odd, I drive this car in all conditions but yesterday I noticed the front passenger floor carpet was slightly damp. I was in heavy rain the other day, parked out in the rain but all windows and roof are completely water tight. I checked the air intake under the windwiper arm-cam and...
  18. Whitey

    Rough idle when damp

    Hi guys This just may be a characteristic of an 'old' car, but I have noticed a pattern that if it is raining/has rained my car will start like it is running on 3 cylinders. Turn it off/on and back to normal with a slight lumpy idle. Today with it being dry it starts and idle almost...
  19. Charles Morgan

    External wall damp treatment

    I have a multi-level patio at the back of my basement flat with high London brick walls all round, and a number of brick walls supporting the different levels. All are painted white and needless to say, a number of damp patches are apparent. I am busy tidying it all up and giving it a good...
  20. T

    'Damp smell' - what's the cause?

    Hi - does anyone know why my interior would smell of damp (like wet socks!) sometimes, particularly after a cleaning of the exterior. I've also noticed condensation forming on the windscreen (from the blower) as soon as I turn the car on whenever there is this smell. Do you reckon there be...
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