1. S

    CL500 Hydropneumatic suspension damper n/s/r

    Hello people, Iv been advised i need to replace my Hydropneumatic suspension damper n/s/r. Should I replace both rear ones or just the one thats needed? Can anyone point in to the right direction for refurbished one? there are lots advertised in the states, are they compatible for UK models...
  2. W

    E63 .....Damper Problem

    Hi Folks, Recent purchase of MY2010 E63. Awesome thing! However... Today I've been tootling about. Always in 'C' mode and not touching anything. Honest! Twice, the dampers have firmed up and the 1st red light on the damper control has come on. Completely independantly! :eek: I...
  3. gadget1960

    W210 E240 crankshaft damper

    As per title, Where would be the best place to buy the crankshaft vibration damper pulley from (other than MB)? There seems to be quite a lot of choice out there ie: GSF, E'Bay, ECP, and so on and ranging from £45 - £190. anyone bought any particular brand and been happy with it? Mine seems...
  4. R

    Tailgate damper replacement

    W124 230TE tailgate won't stay up.... is it easy to fit new 'dampers'? I believe the dampers (if thats the right term) are £30 each...
  5. N

    cl500 year 2000 pulsation damper w215

    Im getting a humming noise in the cabin that speeds up with the revs, also when i raise the car with the dashboard switch the noise goes away for a few seconds then comes back so am going to replace the pulsation damper as this seems to be a component that might cause this droning noise, you...
  6. N

    cl500 year 2000 pulsation damper

    cl 500 year 2000 w215 Hi could someone tell me where the pulsation damper is on 2000 cl 500 w215 i have a droning sound in the cabin very noticeable with the windows closed not so much with windows open any help would be appreciated, I'm a newbie on here
  7. ricko

    Pulsation damper

    Hi I've got the dreaded groaning whining sound and vibration through the steering wheel which I beleive is the pulsation damper, where is the pulsation damper , cl500 216 ,59 plate ,thanks
  8. R

    Where can I buy a abc suspension Pulsation damper for my 1999 CL500

    Hi there im new to this forum, Can anyone point in the right direction to where I can get hold of a pulsation damper (part number 150 on their system) for the abc pump on my 1999 cl500? Phoned mercedes parts dartford and i was quoted roughly £400. Just wanted to know if there are any cheaper...
  9. R

    Where can I buy a abc suspension Pulsation damper for my 1999 CL500

    Hi there totally new to this forum, Just wanted to know where would I get the best price for a pulsation damper for the abc pump on my 1999 cl500? (part number 150) getting that vibrating sound when idle Phoned mercedes parts in dartford and they roughly quoted me £400. Would like to get this...
  10. U

    r170 230 slk issue with ball joints, steering drag link or something else?

    Hi all, The wife's slk flagged up bearing play at mot. I replaced both front hubs and set to 0.01 - 0.02mm of float with dial gauge. However I don't think the garage diagnosed correctly, as with new hubs, if I grab the wheels at 3 and 9 o'clock there is play (pulling one hand in and the other...
  11. E

    SELLING 2x Bilstein Front B8 Sprint Damper For Mercedes Benz E-Class [W210] (95-03)

    Hi Guys (and girls), I am selling my BRAND NEW + BOXED Bilstein Front B8 Sprint Dampers as I no longer require them! Want £210inc postage (RRP £270) full description bellow... Shortened Damper For Use With Lowering Springs Bilstein Mono Tube Damper Technology Enhanced Grip Optimum...
  12. E

    Serpentine belt, damper and tensioner pulley

    Would appreciate advice for changing the above items: - MB or ECP (who offer a Contitech belt and INA pulley and damper)? - What socket size is the tensioner? - I can't quite see it (nor the dust cap that disintegrated when I flicked it off and lies somewhere in the undertray:crazy:). -...
  13. G

    W124 - Steering damper torque

    :fail Sorry guys without knowing I posted this in the wrong sub forum sigh..., don't know how to move it, don't think I can? Hi Guys, So today I wanna put my new steering damper in my 1994 E280, it's a Sachs 280 999 (Super Touring) and I wonder what the torque specs are for tightening...
  14. P

    Possible silly question about idler damper strut in C250 TD W202 diesel engine

    With the top mounting bolt removed, is it normal to be able to remove the metal bush from the rubber surround? My instincts say no, but at the same time the strut only needs to take out forces in bearing, so does it matter providing it's a snug fit (which it is). Cheers, Matt.
  15. B

    Steering damper - how important is it?

    My 93 W124 320E feels a bit twitchy at speed, and requires quite some concentration driving fast, not the relaxed experience I'd become accustomed to in previous Mercs. I have changed quite a bit on my front suspension - new wishbones with ballpoints and front anti-roll bushes. Could it be that...
  16. J

    w202 tensioner damper

    Does anybody know if the lower part of tensioner damper is secured by just the bolt or should there be a nut on it? I have changed mine recently and there was no nut on the old one, however there is a nut shaped indentation where the bolt goes through (in the old and new damper). So not sure if...
  17. BillyW124

    W124 glove box damper??

    what's one of these?? MERCEDES W124 E220 COUPE GLOVE BOX DAMPER | eBay
  18. sam-orr

    MAF. Damper. 2 problems.

    1. My MAF sensor is on its way out, cleaned it, worked well for two days now playing up again. - Do I buy a Bosch one? £165? - Do I buy an OEM eBay job? Any experiences with either? 2. Does my 1998 W202 C200 2.0l need a damper On the tensioner??? Please help!!!
  19. sam-orr


    Hi all, Any ideas what damper, shock, belt tensioner is fitted to my C200 W202? Is it a relatively universal part? Found one on the EBay that is £25 and &35 from a dealer.
  20. K

    W124 steering damper

    can anyone find me a dealer price for above? part no: 124 463 0432 thanks
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