1. V

    C63 dampers

    One of my C63 rear dampers has a slight oil leak. Decided to have both replaced. Car isn't under warrant. It's a 2011 December facelift saloon. Been quoted £382 for a set of rear dampers from MB. Is there any good aftermarket setups which offer a better ride and good damping such as KW, Bilstein...
  2. L

    Performance exhaust or dampers option

    I can just about get one more option on my new a45 amg which I am ordering soon.I have gone for met grey,night pack pano roof.Some people say the ride on the facelift is rather harsh others not so,was thinking maybe a performance exhaust instead of the £595 dampers.Any advice,cheers.
  3. Mc1

    08 e class dampers

    So my e class sits very high on the front so I pulled it apart today to move the spring seats down using the c clips on the dampers but I found one dampers did not have any groves to relocate the c clip and the other is starting to weep. So I guess I am into a pair of new front dampers. Were...
  4. M

    Advice on changing dampers c class kompressor sport

    I have c class w204 2009 180 kompressor I find the ride rock hard and when driving over small rd divets or manhole covers the car feels like it crashes into the bumps and absorbs nothing. Making life for myself and passengers pretty unbearable. We can't take our young baby out as she ends...
  5. Londonscottish

    Are the dampers on the back of an Airmatic 211 estate conventional ones

    Hi, been looking into my options for refreshing the dampers on my 211 and wondered if someone can confirm that the rear dampers are definitely conventional, non-electric ones. When I bought I read all about the air suspension and variable damping but having dug a bit more it might be that the...
  6. M

    Steering dampers, clk & SL

    Hello, is there a better quality of steering damper on the market, have changed the one on my CLK 2001 for the second time in 3 years and the damper on the SL500 is looking like it leaks so time for another new one, the Sl damper had been changed just before I bought it 3 years ago. Is three...
  7. S

    E55 AMG Rear dampers

    Hi there. I am a newbie to the site so ill try to make this as painless as possible:) I drive a 2005 E55 AMG and the only mods are panel filters and a remap. Recently the rear dampers feel like there in permanent SportsII mode. Even in comfort mode they feel stiff yet the front operates as it...
  8. B

    Slk 230 boot struts ( dampers )

    Hi everyone, just thought i would pass on some useful info regarding the renewal of the dampers in the boot of the slk, apparently they are prone to early failure ( i know mine were, making lifting the boot lid quite heavy. Anyway, my local mercedes dealership quoted £411 to replace both boot...
  9. Londonscottish

    Price for rear Airmatic dampers

    now posted in correct section - mods pls delete this
  10. Londonscottish

    S211 Airmatic Dampers

    Hi, The damping is weakening on my S211 at the back. In a normal steel sprung car I'd just order new Bilstein dampers or equivalent. In this case I suspect I need to order the (B4?) Bilstein Airmatic strut (?) In which case I'm looking at c £440/side? If all the above is correct...
  11. C

    Replacement dampers

    My CLK 55 AMG (W208) is approaching 100k miles and I think is still on the original Bilstein dampers so they are probably due for replacement. The springs have already been changed for Eibach Lowering springs and I'm looking for some dampers to match. I was thinking of changing Koni Sport...
  12. M

    Removing Dampers

    I have an annoying squeaking/creaking coming form the rear of my c270, I have decided to change the dampers as bushes look ok, b4 I start just wondered if there are any special tools required to get them off? haven't looked just thinkin ahead?
  13. biturbo

    anyone installed b6 bilstein dampers.

    Anyone installed the b6 dampers from bilstein on their mercedes. Did it alter the ride in any way? I have H&R springs and the standard factory dampers but they need changining. Just wondered whether to go B4 bilstein or b6 sport bilstein. in the states on the forum they said the b6 was terrible...
  14. S

    W210 Front Dampers

    Hi, MOT time again.. Just replaced the front dampers on my e320cdi, the reason for replacement of the original OEM units was structural rusting and some oil leakage but still worked well at damping. (Plush, noise free riding of bumps and potholes.) I have replaced the units with G*F Motor...
  15. E

    C32 W203 rear shocks- recommendation?

    Went for an MOT today and the C32 failed on rear shocks, one with a serious leak. Any recommendations for a decent replacement? Info and your experiences appreciated!
  16. jeremy156

    How long should the dampers (shock absorbers) in W211 Airmatic front struts last?

    I have a 150,000 mile E320 CDI with Airmatic. It suffers what I think to be a rough ride and is very sensitive to wheel balancing issues. I had the opportunity to follow and observe my car from another today, driving next to it I could see that the front wheels (especially driver-side)...
  17. N

    107 Dampers - Bilstein B4s?>

    Hi all Am considering replacing the dampers on my 107 500SL. Is it possible to improve the ride handling with what is available out there. Having done a search it would appear that Bilstein B4s may be appropriate. Will these have any effect on handling? I am a little confused as they are...
  18. 9

    C43 Replacement Dampers Advice Wanted??

    Im thinking of replacing the dampers/shock absorbers on my 1999 C43 AMG, Had the car for the last 9 years,still loving it. Feel i should change the dampers as they must be getting tired, although car has only done 53k miles. Any recommendations greatly appreciated......... Cheers Al
  19. Mr Squirrel

    CLK W208 Lowering and Dampers Question

    Good evening my fluffy bunny wabbits :D I apologize if this has been answered elsewhere (i have searched but found no definitive answer) I plan on lowering my CLK 320 sport using a set of Eibach 'Sportline' springs, according to my calculations, i expect the car to sit approx 30mm lower at the...
  20. IMD

    Your suggestions for new dampers and springs for 230e

    Hi all, I'm going to replace the suspension on my 1990 W124 230e as soon as I get a bit of spare cash. It currently has the uprated springs, which give it the higher ride height and is very hard, but bouncy...if that makes sense! I'm wondering if anyone can advise me on two things: 1) The...
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