1. 6

    W204 : Glovebox damping broken

    The damping on my glovebox lid is broken. Opens and closes ok. I've found some info on how it works on a W203, but not on a W204. Any one have access to the MB workshop manual that can give me some hints on how I can fix it ? Thanks W203 glovebox damping info ...
  2. KNU7S

    Getting my KNU7S back on the raod R129 ADS Adaptive Damping System problem?

    We have not used the SL for 5 years it has been mainly stored in a dry garage until 12 months ago when it was moved to our new house where we don't have a garage. I always start it every few months and get it nice and warm and move it about a bit. I have decided to start using it again for...
  3. The _Don

    AMG SLS Gets Adaptive Damping

    RE: AMG SLS Gets Adaptive Damping
  4. Sp!ke

    1995 SL500 adaptive damping problems

    I was speaking to someone the other day with a weird issue on his 1995 SL500. The back end of the car would rise to its maximum height and wouldnt come down. He'd replaced the pump and the rear actuator and the problem remained. Apparently it had just come from back from a well known...
  5. esox

    damping dilemma

    Can i change the shocks on my CLK to provide a more comfortable /softer ride?would there be much difference or would the springs need to be done as well?
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