1. A

    Damsel In Distress!

    Hi all... I have a 2008 Merc Vito with a mere 30k miles in the clock. For a while now all the warning lights have been flashing ABS Brakes ESP Tyres The general performance of the van has been fine although sometimes the key seems sticky and it doesn't turn over. This week the van has...
  2. developer

    Damsel in Distress - BMW Indie - South Birmingham

    I'll get my coat on the way out, however, in the meantime can anyone recommend a BMW indie or a garage with decent 3 series knowledge in the South Birmingham area (for a friend of mine). Thanks,
  3. AbbieCadabra

    Whoops! Keys locked in car, Damsel saved within 40 mins!

    at lunch today, for the first time in my 20'ish years of driving, i locked my keys in the boot when i was swapping my bags over (a girl thing! handbag to sports bag as i was off to the gym :p ). as soon as i put the boot down, i realised the keys in my hand were the house ones & the car key...
  4. D

    Damsel in distress !

    My 2000 E220CDi is due or a B Service in 300 miles ! i live in Darwen(Blackburn) and need my car to be serviced asap !!! does anyone know a cheap but good independent specialist within blackburn, preston, bury, bolton or even manc ! any advice with a speacilist name and number would be...
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